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Marriage Proposal Calculator

If you’re looking for the perfect marriage proposal idea then you have come to the right place. Our state of the art marriage proposal calculator, above, matches your partners personality preferences to some of the best marriage proposal ideas and videos out there.

Simply select your preferences, click submit and then follow the link to a marriage proposal idea which is perfect for you.

Why you need to think carefully about your marriage proposal ideas

Finding true love and a best friend to share your life with is a true gift to be treasured. As such a marriage proposal is a life changing moment so you want to get it absolutely right for it to remain a cherished memory for years to come. It is worth taking the time to explore a plethora of proposal ideas until you find something that perfectly suits both you and your partners personalities.

To help you on your way I encourage you to look through the large array of marriage proposal ideas and videos we regularly feature on this blog. Simply visit the marriage proposals section and scroll through until you hit an example that fits the bill.

Alternatively you can work your way through this list of marriage proposal ideas until you hit on something that perfectly suits your tastes and budget. All of these posts include step by step guides on how to pull off the given proposal along with example videos, cost breakdowns, the pros and cons of each propsal idea and who the type of proposal is best suited to.

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18. How To Propose In Autumn and Winter
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Personality Questions

Before you go any further there are a number of important questions you should ask yourself before proceeding.

1. Is your partner more of a private or public individual?

2. Do they like public displays of affection or do they shy away from being kissed or holding hands when out and about?

3. Do they like being the centre of attention or do they hate that sort of thing?

4. Does your partner appreciate the finer things or living a simple life?

5. Would your partner want a fancy and elegant evening planned or blue jeans casual?

6. Would he or she prefer a serious proposal or something a bit more lighthearted and fun?

7. Is your partner very close to his or her friends and family? If so do you think they’d be really happy to see them all moments after the proposal or would they prefer to be alone with you?

8. Does your partner love big romantic gestures or are they not that bothered?

9. If you went to town with your proposal and pulled out all the stops would it melt your partners heart or would they think it’s a bit over the top?

10. Will they be upset if you spend a lot of money on you proposal idea, including the engagement ring, or will they be disappointed if you don’t spend much on your special day?

Setting Considerations

1. Does your partner prefer being outdoors, indoors or staying at home?

2. If they like the outdoors, is there a favorite place they like to go (lake, forest, park) or an activity that they love (boating, hiking, camping, horseback riding) that would be meaningful to them?

3. If they prefer being indoors, is there a special place (restaurant, museum, planetarium) that would make the proposal even more special?

4. Are there places or activities that are special to both of you?

5. Would your partner prefer you propose on a weekday or weekend?

6. Would it be best to propose earlier in the day, to allow time to call family and friends, or would your partner prefer the romance of an evening event?

7. Will you need the assistance of some friends to pull off your proposal idea?

8. Can bad weather impact the proposal in any way?

9. Could anything interfere with you proposal plan such as, work requiring one of you to be on call, family or friends that tend to drop in unannounced, or an unstable/ill relative?

These are all important questions to ask when you’re thinking about your marriage proposal ideas. Once you’ve given these questions some consideration it is time to start planning.

What are your options?

Marriage proposals have become pretty involved operations over the years. Some people plan elaborate flash mob proposals that require choreography and no short amount of chutzpah whilst others think nothing of sky diving their way from 15,000 feet with a banner proclaiming their love and popping the question. Still some prefer a more traditional route of a romantic meal followed by a location specific venue for the moment of truth.

So please do look the marriage proposal videos section and if you’re still struggling after that please feel free to contact me as we have a thousand and one marriage proposal ideas to share.

Good luck and good hunting!


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