21 Jan 2013

Madison Square Park Marriage Proposal

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If you’re in search of something to kick-start your week on this cold Monday, what better than a marriage proposal video?

Noreen thinks that it is just a normal anniversary dinner with her boyfriend, Jeff, but as they are walking through Madison Square Park they bump into their friend Chrissy. Jeff pretends to forget something and heads back to the restaurant, and as he takes off, Chrissy lets Noreen watch a one-of-a-kind video featuring all their family, friends and Jeff. Then the song ‘A Thousand Years’ begins playing in the park, which is sung by her niece. A messenger then arrives to carry a dozen roses to her and leads them to where her niece is singing. Jeff is standing right behind them, preparing to ask a very special question… can you guess what it is?

The creativity and originality of this marriage proposal is unrivaled! Congrats Jeff and Noreen!


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