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So Why Should You Write And Submit A Love Letter Anyway?

Love letters are one of the strongest expressions of love known to man. They remain one of the most poignant ways of delivering a message of love and often continue to be a treasured possession and historical map of love between couples, something which is simply irreplaceable. So if you write up and then submit a love letter for other readers to see they will help you refine your prose to help deliver an absolute knock out letter.

Whether it is the widow or widower who clings to a stack of love letters from a former love, the young boy who expresses a crush on a classmate or the man receiving a letter from his wife, while deployed overseas, love letters have the power to illicit sweeping emotions. For such letters offer an opportunity for intimate communication that is sometimes difficult or impossible to achieve in everyday conversation.

Love Letters Hold Their Own in the Digital Age

With the advent of online communication, traditional paper and pen correspondence have steeply declined, whether writing love letters or just saying hello to a friend or family member. But many couples recognize that love letters are still an important part of any relationship, not to disappear and be replaced with an email or text message.

Love letters don’t have to be for just special occasions – they are the perfect way to let your partner know your deepest, innermost feelings any day of the year. Of course, telling your love in person is a powerfully romantic gesture, but there are reasons that love letters should be considered a very important means of communication in any relationship.

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Easier Way To Communicate True Feelings

Sometimes, when face to face with a lover, the words you are looking for can become hard to say out loud. You may feel all of this passion and love inside, wanting to shout it from the rooftops, but in the moment you can stumble looking for the right words. A love letter is written at your own pace, giving you the opportunity to say everything you want to. When the time comes to give the letter to your partner, it is all right there, carefully considered and thoughtfully crafted.

Experessing Intimacy Is Hard For Some

Many people may want to tell their lovers how they feel, but aren’t comfortable saying it. Perhaps they were raised in an environment that shunned such openness. The worst part for these individuals is that they end up saying nothing, because verbalizing is so difficult. A love letter is a wonderful “voice” for those who have difficulty sharing their feelings through the spoken word.

They Mean The World To The Recipient

Everyone needs to feel loved, and love letters do a wonderful job of letting people know just how much they mean to their partner. Not only do these letters make an initial impact that communicates feelings of love and gratitude, the letter can be visited again and again – even during more challenging times.

When couples verbalize their feelings, it means a lot but the core message can fade over time. Having love letters to refer to, which deliver the same loving message continually, makes them timeless and just as romantic whether reading them for the first, fifteenth or fiftieth time.

A Keepsake To Last Forever

Love letters will be treasured for a lifetime, without a doubt. They are the ultimate gift from the heart to be shared with your partner throughout your relationship. Man or woman, young or old – keep writing love letters to each other. They are a priceless gift in the present and a beautiful documentation of your love for the future.

A Large Range Of Examples For You To Browse

So now you know why love letters are so important let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how you actually write one. On the love letters for him and love letters for her pages I give outlines of what you should consider when putting pen to paper. For a more in depth look at the craft, however, you can download my free love letter writing ebooks simply by going to the download page here.

Alternatively please feel free to scroll through the many love letters that readers have kindly let me share on the blog. There are a large array of examples for you to consider as well as some great stories of how love letters have helped to save marriages, bring couples together and maintain close bonds through the years. Simply click this link for the list of example love letters and hopefully soon you will submit a love letter of your very own!


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