30 May 2012

Love Letter to a Wife

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Last week I shared a beautifully written love letter written by Holly to George. Well this week George has given me permission to share a return one that he has written to Holly, a classic love letter to a wife if you will. He too was struggling to put pen to paper so I hope this gives you some inspiration.

Dear Holly,

I know why you wrote that beautiful love letter to me, because I feel the same way about you. We both have reached a major milestone in our lives – retirement. Getting this far in life with you only makes me think about how lucky I am to have had your love all these years, and to love you in return. And because you have such a way with words and have written such a romantic remembrance of our meeting and courtship, I feel like I should continue the story. And, like you said, if something should happen to me and I have to leave this earth without you, you’ll a love letter for the ages.

After that day I proposed to you in Daley Plaza, and after you said yes, of course, we made plans to get married. We wanted a small wedding with family and close friends attending, but with a big party afterwards. I knew how much you loved to socialize and have a good time with your friends and relatives, and I wanted the same. We were married in a little Lutheran church near downtown Chicago and celebrated the marriage in a nearby favorite haunt of ours. Pastor Jorgens, who later officiated over our renewal of vows, performed the ceremony. I was the happiest guy on the planet that day. I don’t know how a German-speaking immigrant like me could have gotten so lucky as to meet and fall in love with a classy lady like you, but I was very glad I did.

Our honeymoon was planned just as carefully as our wedding. We decided together that we had always wanted to visit Hawaii, and neither of us had been there in our lives so far. We got on a plane at O’Hare the very next morning, and settled in for a long flight to paradise. Landing on the big island, I felt like I had been transported to heaven. You were by my side in all of your glory, and the tropical breezes were blowing your hair as we stepped off of the plane and were whisked away to our bungalow on the beach. Hawaii in those days was a place to get away from it all, and was still relatively unspoiled and uncrowded, and we were in a magical zone of enchantment in our beach house.

The next morning, after sleeping in, we took a tour of the nearby attractions. I remember holding your hand and kissing you as the sun shone on our faces, and the locals put leis around our necks. That night, after a wonderful dinner in a quaint little spot, we walked on the beach under the sparkling, multitude of stars. As the ocean waves gently rolled up onto our bare feet, I told you that I had to pinch myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. You held me close and whispered in my ear that you would love me always, and that it wasn’t just a dream.

And even though we had to leave our paradise a few days later and go back to work, my life had been changed. I was no longer the sad, solitary man working at the title company. Now that I had you and your love, I felt invincible. My love for you was a force that held me up and pushed me forward into our new life together.

After all these years, I still feel that strength of feeling between us. We will live our life as we always have, laughing and loving, and knowing that we are incredibly lucky to have each other for eternity.

All My Love,


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