20 Jun 2012

Love Letter To A Long Distance Boyfriend In The Army

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This love letter to a long distance boyfriend serving in the army is a beautiful example of heartfelt honesty overcoming the distance between the loving partners.

Dear Sam,

As I write this letter I am watching the news about Afghanistan. I know it’s probably not a smart thing to do, but I feel closer to you when I know what’s happening – or think I do. I’m not sure that we ever get the big picture back here at home, but it’s better than nothing. Because you have been unable use the Internet for the last month since you arrived there, I decided to write you a real old-fashioned love letter. I even put some of my perfume on it, along with a red-lipstick kiss – I hope you enjoy it!

It seems like we were getting close to a big step in our relationship right before you left the last time. You had been at boot camp learning all about how to be the best you could be in the Army, but it was finally over. That month we spent together was the best month of my life so far.

I’ll never forget walking along the beach with you in South Carolina, just a hundred miles or so from Ft. Bragg where you had your training. It already seemed like a world away, because we were so happy together. It seemed like it would never end, and that romantic, tingly-all over feeling was in full bloom. As we walked and talked, we both felt like we were ready to make a commitment to each other, that our love was strong enough to weather this separation, and that when you returned we would make our plans for the future.

Then came the news that your orders had been changed. Instead of going to a cushy assignment in Qatar (how cushy that could be I’m not sure), you were being sent to Afghanistan, to a combat zone. It was my worst nightmare come true, and you weren’t real happy about it either.

In the week we had left, we tried to get as much alone time together as we could. We spent a beautiful weekend at a bed and breakfast on the beach near Murrell”s Inlet, and ir was heaven. We had a romantic dinner at a seaside restaurant, listening to the gentle sounds of the surf and enjoying each other’s company.

And the next day, you told me that you wanted me to know a few important things. You wanted to be sure that I understood how much you loved me, that you felt that we belonged together, and that we were going to make plans for a life soon. And I said the same, because I knew that you were going to a place where you would need me to be close in spirit, if I couldn’t be there in body. I told you I loved you more than you could imagine, and that all I would be thinking about while you were gone was our love, and our future life together.

So please rest assured that my feelings haven’t changed – in fact I love you more than ever. I think of your sweet face, your strong body, and your kindness every night before I go to sleep, and dream about you too. I truly love you, Sam, and I can’t wait for us to be together. I know you feel the same, so keep that feeling close through the long scary nights without me, and we’ll be OK – I promise.

All my love,


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