27 Jun 2012

Love letter To A Girlfriend Studying Hard For Final Exams

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The following is a Love letter to a girlfriend studying hard for final exams. It clearly demonstrates the love of the writer and his affection for his hard studying girlfriend. He even recorded an MP3 of his reading and sent it in so we could make the above video for him to give to his girlfriend. If you would like to do likewise then please check out the submit a love letter page for instructions.

Dear Billy,

I hope you don’t mind that I’m writing you a real live love letter, in my own shaky penmanship, on fancy paper, even. But I know how hard you are working on getting ready for final exams, and I have a lot to say, so I don’t want to use our usual e-mail or text way of communicating. We’ve been together now for 6 months, and I feel like in that short time I’ve gotten to know you pretty well.

I know that you are absolutely serious about your chosen career, and that to make it through med school takes a lot of dedication, effort, and motivation. And I think I’ve seen that you have what it takes, and that’s just one of the many reasons I love you.

There, I’ve said it on paper – I think that’s a first! It makes me feel so good to know that we can use those words with each other and be completely comfortable and natural about it. When we first met at that party last year, I knew right away that we could have something special.

But you were seriously into your education, and I got the idea that you really couldn’t think about getting serious with anyone until you became a doctor.

But after a few dates it became clear that something was happening here. We took a weekend off and went to a cabin upop in the Adirondacks, and I will never forget what happened. We were enjoying the peace and the quiet, the shining stars in the velvety black sky, and the cool evening breezes.

Holding hands and feeling like nothing could ever get any better than this, I heard you actually taking the words right out of my mouth. You said, “It just doesn’t get any better, does it Joe?” At that moment, I felt like I was melting into the bench we were sitting on.

That night we made love for the first time, and we both felt that glorious feeling that we were moving on to the next stage, and that our relationship was one to work on and to take seriously – just like your career. After we got back to campus, I think you were a little concerned that our togetherness was going to interfere with your studying, but you soon got over that. I realized from the start that without your career, you would be an unhappy person – and the only thing I want in this life is to make you happy. So I gave you plenty of space, and lots of time to make sure you were getting all of your work done. And I made sure that in your off time you relaxed, had fun and forgot about your stressful school life.

So I just want you to know that I love you because you’re smart, strong, persistent, and ambitious. And of course, there’s ethical, kind, funny…obviously I could go on and on, and someday I will. But you should get back to your studying for finals, and when you need a mental break, think about that vacation in Maine we’ve got planned after the semester is over. It just gets better all the time!

Loving you truly,


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