12 Jun 2012

Jeff Hall and Rachael Kraemer’s Marriage Proposal on Plane

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I am honored to share this lovely marriage proposal story with you today. The couple in question agreed to be interviewed about their beautiful marriage proposal on plane to Cabo so the following is their story in their words.

Please introduce yourselves

My name is Jeff Hall and my fiancé is Rachael Kraemer, I proposed to her on May 18, 2012.

A marriage proposal on plane and on time – Tell us your story

I was planning this for months. I wanted to do something that was over and beyond, she is a very shy person so I wanted it to be good. We just had our 1 year anniversary on May 1, 2012 and we were going to Cabo in July and I wanted to propose to her before Cabo, so I planned a surprise vacation for our 1 year.

She had no idea except that we were going to fly to L.A. Little did she know we were going to fly to Long Beach and then take a boat ride to Catalina Island. So I contacted Jet Blue (leaving from Sacramento to Long Beach – we’re from Sacramento) and they said that it was up to the pilot if I could propose.

So the day of the flight, we checked in early and I told everyone at the gate that I could tell so they could have a heads up. I had a camera bag with me as a carry-on and I had the ring in there. As we went to board the plane, he took my ticket and said it was all taken care of. When we sat in our seats, a flight attendant asked to see me, so I went up there and gave them my phone and got it all planned out. Rachael thought it was weird that they asked that but I said it was about first class (even though JetBlue doesn’t have first class seating, Lol!)

When they were giving out peanuts, he gave me the eye to go to the front, so I said I had to go to the bathroom, went to the front and they prepared me and the rest is all on the video. It was amazing, not only was everyone on the plane amazing but all of the flight attendants and pilots as well. It was an experience that we will both NEVER forget.

My first idea was to do it in Cabo when we go on vacation in July, but I didn’t want to wait that long. Then I was thinking that I would do it in Catalina at dinner but I would be a nervous wreck while we were there. I said to her Mom that I just wanted to shout it to the world. So then I thought, hey, I’ll do it on the flight to L.A! Her Mom said, “Really? You would do that?” Of course I would!! From that point on, I knew that’s how I wanted to do it! Then the planning began!

marriage proposal on plane

Can you share any significant details of the planning that went into the proposal, the people involved, and any funny stories along with it!

I asked her Mom for her hand in marriage and she was thrilled! We both have kids from previous marriages and I told her daughter and she was so happy, she started to cry! It melted my heart! I also told my kids as well with all of them together and they were ecstatic!! I did all of the planning but had help from Rachael’s Mom in thinking of suggestions and trying to get ideas. Once I knew what to do, I planned and booked all of it! The ring was perfect, I got it 3 days before our trip and was kind of scared I wasn’t going to have it in time, obviously I did

For more photos click here: Catalina Island

We had never been zip lining so that was her other surprise as well.

Any additional information that made your day so amazing!

The biggest thing is that, the weekend of the proposal was amazing and there was not ONE thing that went wrong, it was flawless!!

This is such an amazing story and I’m thrilled to share it! Thanks, Jeff and Rachael! I wish you guys all the happiness in the world.

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