16 Oct 2012

Is This A Romance Economy Or Does Debt And Recession Kill It Off?

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We are living through tough economic times, the likes of which most of us have never seen. With unemployment high, stress levels often at maximum and job insecurity all around many couples and families are feeling the pinch like never before. But does this mean that romance has to stop? Is romance intrinsically linked to the economy? Do we only feel romantic when money allows us to shower our loved ones with gifts and fancy meals or is there more to romance than that? Is true romance more of a frugal affair anyway where thoughtfulness is the only thing that really matters and the ability to surprise a loved one, with our ingenuity by making something for them out of scraps, what really counts? In short are we living in a romance economy and do we even realize it?

Is This A Romance Economy?

Certain things happen when the economy is not going well. When unemployment is up, retail sales are down and inflation abounds, there is a negative effect on consumer confidence, on measures of contentment and happiness, and on many other tangible and non-tangible things. So much evidently depends on the state of the economy that we assume that this pretty much applies to everything. But when it comes to romance in our everyday lives, does that also depend on the economy – does it decrease as the economy worsens?

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Too Much Stress

Anxiety, worry, and stress in general that come along in a weak economy cannot be friends of romance. The more you are under the control of and are being affected by stress and all its forms, the less you are able to instigate or enjoy romance in your life. At least, that’s the most logical way to think about it. On the other hand, one way to decrease stress, relax, chill, and generally become a happier person is to get as much romance going in your life as possible. It’s an old problem – what causes a problem can also cure it. The question becomes, are you able to use romance as a tool to lower your stress level?

Lack of Money

Being broke is no fun, and it’s hard to be romantic when you’re not having fun – or when you’re low on cash. But romance, as we know, doesn’t absolutely depend on large amounts of expendable funds – it is possible to have a romantic evening without spending a lot of money. And it can be fun for you and your lover to find ways to enjoy each other’s company in a passionate, romantic way and to do it cheaply. So again, no money can put a damper on romance, but it can also stimulate new ways of thinking about it.

Not Enough Time

A lack of time is a different kind of problem, and in an ailing economy many of us are putting in more hours at work or working extra jobs to make ends meet. Finding time to squeak in some time for romance can be a real problem. But if you actually end up with more time on your hands because your hours have been reduced, or you have lost your job entirely – rejoice! The time for romance is now unlimited, and love will blossom, all other things being equal, of course.

Lack of Energy

Finally, a bad economy tends to be draining and to take the spark out of a person. If you don’t have ways to rejuvenate yourself such as exercise and relaxation, your low energy levels will definitely sabotage your romantic tendencies. It takes energy to be passionate, to be carefree, and to be a lover in the best circumstances. When the economy is down, your bank account is down, and your energy tank is near empty, don’t expect romance to be easy. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try – it’ll make you feel better in the long run, and what goes down, must come up – including the economy, and romance.

What has been your experience over the past few years? Have you found new ways to be romantic? Are you now experiencing date nights together which you would never have considered before or has the general state of the economy and the accompanying woes put a real dampener on your romantic experiences? Please comment below and let us know.


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