06 Aug 2012

Is My Skydiving Marriage Proposal a Winner?

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Hi Grace,

My girlfriend and I are real adrenaline junkies and love sky-diving whenever we can, so I would love to get your advice on my sky-diving proposal idea!

I was thinking about laying out a large banner on the ground where we’re going to land reading “will you marry me?”, so that she’ll see it while we’re falling through the air. I thought it would be great to gather all of our friends and family around the banner for when we land! Would love to know what you think.

Thanks, Sam

Sam, thank you for your question. You must be a very caring and romantic man to be asking for feedback from others concerning your marriage proposal idea. I will gladly offer some advice regarding your desire to incorporate skydiving into such an important day.

First, let me say that proposing in a way that is meaningful to you both is a wonderful start. Some people make the mistake of creating a proposal around something meaningful to themselves, which can lead to a disappointing result for the recipient. If you are both adrenaline junkies, as you put it, and love skydiving, then there should be no doubt that you’ve chosen the ultimate theme.

So in my opinion, you should stick with skydiving as the basis for your proposal. That said, I would like to offer some suggestions for you to consider before proceeding with your plan.

My first suggestion is based on my initial reaction to your idea – safety. Of course, you both love activities that boost adrenaline, so my response isn’t based on a personal judgment regarding skydiving being safe or not. What does concern me, however, is your girlfriend’s reaction when the banner on the ground comes into view as she is “falling through the air.”

I would assume that any activity such as skydiving requires total concentration. Yet when someone asks you to marry them, there is a new type of adrenaline that often arises with the surprise and excitement of a proposal. I would be worried that your girlfriend’s shock and eagerness could impact her concentration and/or focus, which could make this proposal extremely unsafe. Even some of the most mellow, grounded women become shaky and tearful when asked to marry their lover. This is not, as you can imagine, something you want to take place while in the air.

My second suggestion is to be sure, as I tell all of my readers, that such a public proposal is what your girlfriend is comfortable with. She may love adrenaline but she may prefer an intimate proposal between just the two of you. You know her personality best, so please just be certain being surrounded by family, friends and possibly some strangers is what she desires.

With my suggestions above, I would recommend that you take some time to think about how to put together a skydiving proposal that entails your girlfriend having two feet on the ground when you pop the question. Perhaps you can propose immediately when both of you land safely on the ground, in the height of your adrenaline rush.

You could also involve friends or people at the skydiving site. Consider suggestions like an airplane banner flying over at the end of the day. Perhaps you could get in the plane but arrange for the plane to land elsewhere, where there is a table, wine, family and friends awaiting your arrival at the romantic proposal site by the airstrip.

There are many possibilities that allow you to incorporate skydiving into your proposal. You know your girlfriend best, so you can be the judge of what she would like the most on your special day. Again, your idea is on target and very thoughtful and romantic. My only hesitation would be safety concerns when your girlfriend reacts to your surprise in mid air.

Best of luck and let us know how it all turns out!



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