24 May 2012

Is Monogamy Natural?

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I thought I would share this post I came across on scienceofrelationships.com about the fact that monogamous relationships seem to be trending downward. The author makes an interesting point worthy of further debate at the end that women should think harder when choosing a man. The man doesn’t have the same monetary or time costs associated with reproduction and therefore doesn’t need to be as picky. The article also lists some facts and statistics about how men are raising children which aren’t even their own.

An interesting read:
Are We Meant to be Monogamous?


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2 Responses to “Is Monogamy Natural?”

  1. Reply Rosemary says:

    The benefits of being monogamous go beyond the simple matter of reproduction. Both men and women enjoy the emotional stability and other psychological benefits that result from a committed relationship with a faithful life partner. Marriage confers many social, financial and health advantages. Whether or not monogamy is “natural” isn’t particularly important. Air conditioning isn’t natural, nor is driving in a big metal vehicle at 75mph, nor is open heart surgery. Like so many other things in life, we choose monogamy because it serves a larger purpose.

    • Reply admin says:

      I couldn’t agree more Rosemary and thank you for the excellent comment. I thought the article was an interesting read and worth sharing. I sit 100% on the side though that marriage is an important and cherished institution and to make it work it requires total commitment from both sides. This naturally engenders monogamy.

      Love your blog btw. I have added you to my Google Reader.


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