12 Mar 2013

Interview with Lindsay and Heidi of MagnetStreet Weddings

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It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you all Lindsay Neumann and Heidi Markgraf of MagnetStreet Weddings, a site dedicated to creating unique and beautiful wedding invitations and stationary. These two ladies are a class act and it has been my pleasure to get to know their work over recent months so today I’d like to introduce them to you. Here’s what they have to say on making weddings personal to each and every couple!

About MagnetStreet Weddings

Family-owned, MagnetStreet Weddings is an online stationery company that empowers couples to personalize their wedding stationery. Although best known for their trendy save the date magnets and cards, they also offer a comprehensive line of coordinating wedding stationery that includes: invitation suites, programs, thank you cards, and favors. Every design can be uniquely personalized through their online editing tools. MagnetStreet Weddings is part of the MagnetStreet brand.

Lindsay Neumann

Graphic Designer for MagnetStreet.
I create wedding stationery templates for brides to personalize.
Heidi Markgraf

Writer for MagnetStreet
Responsible for print and email collateral. I also write for Truly Engaging—the wedding blog of MagnetStreet Weddings.
What are the main trends you’ve noticed in recent weddings?


Personalized Weddings

One of the main trends in the wedding industry has become the uniqueness of each individual wedding. Modern weddings are all about personalization, and color is a leading factor! That said, we’re extremely excited to offer our couples unlimited color choices—plus, the ability to change fonts, add photos, and special wording to any design. Brides are not interested in a cookie-cutter wedding that’s been done before, no matter how easy it is. Each couple is truly unique, so their wedding should reflect their personality!
How has MagnetStreet adapted to this trend?

We’ve adapted by making our stationery designs flexible. Brides are able to make color, font, photo edits and text changes all inside Design Studio: our online editing tool. They no longer have to wait for a designer to make those adjustments for them. Couples can now make and see the changes themselves—in real time. MagnetStreet couples have creative control over their stationery design, and they are embracing that control!

The DIY wedding trend


Whether it’s the economy or purely a desire for simplicity, handmade weddings are hugely popular. And we love them! From food and décor to attire and flowers, we love the personal touches seen in DIY weddings. They are unique—and every couple wants their wedding to be unique! A DIY wedding can be extraordinary and while we applaud those with the talent, time and proper equipment to pull off the DIY endeavor of creating, designing and printing their wedding stationery… we also understand that many do not.
How has MagnetStreet adapted to this trend?

MagnetStreet is an easy choice for the creative couple who has the passion to personalize, but not the time and
resources to take on a DIY wedding stationery feat. We’re able to come alongside these couples to offer: hundreds of exclusive and original designs, high quality materials and vibrant, full-color printing. Because we have customizable designs, professional designers to check it, and advanced printing capabilities, couples don’t have to hassle with templates, printers and costly equipment. There is no undue stress over errors and smudges. Quality is guaranteed so couples can focus on the creative aspect of their wedding stationery—choosing their own colors, photos, fonts and
special wording. It’s a win-win!
Wedding Advice


Modern couples need to dream up the coolest wedding they can think of, and then decide the must-haves from the
nice-to-haves. It’s almost always easier if you have a big dream/theme/idea in the first place and then get creative on how to make it work. For instance, say you want hand-lettered invitation envelopes but your budget won’t allow it; compromise by finding a suitable font that works with your style. You’ll find that you have to compromise in some budget areas but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on the ultimate ambiance of your wedding. It can happen!

Well said Lindsay. My advice is to stay true to your wedding style but also think about your guests. True, it is your day and it should be a reflection of your personalities and style but it’s also a joining of families {and friends} in love and celebration. Guests might not remember if their ceremony chairs had a satin ribbon around the back, but chances are they’ll pay attention to the details that made them feel special. For instance, read over etiquette guidelines to do your best to properly address your invitation envelopes. Use your ceremony programs to explain unfamiliar customs or rituals. And always remember to hand write thank you notes to your wedding guests! Also, consider writing thank yous throughout planning—to your bridesmaids, vendors and of course, your parents or other special loved ones for all of their service and support. It really comes down to respect and paying attention to the little things!

2013 Wedding Predictions


Weddings today are meant to be more personal, so I imagine you’ll see even more touches of personality. The formal wedding environment is a choice, not a requirement. If you choose a formal wedding you are saying something. But casual gatherings are becoming more common. So couples can have even more fun creating the event that is just right
for them.

I agree. We’ll see more and more meaningful weddings—tailored ceremonies and personalized touches that highlight the unique style and personality of the couple. I think we’ll see a lot of brides and grooms making fashion statements with their stationery—incorporating trends from the runway that include fresh takes on florals, retro patterns and lovely lace details accenting stationery suites. Pantone’s Color of the Year is Emerald so we’ll see a lot of that regal hue. We’ll also see creatively styled photography on save the date announcements and dramatic/expressive fonts on wedding invitations. More so than ever before, brides and grooms will creatively capture their wedding style—whether they’re planning something simple or something sophisticated. I think we’ll be charmed by all that we’ll see in 2013.

Thank you Heidi and Lindsay for your fantastic words! It’s great to know there are people willing to go the extra mile to make peoples’ weddings even more beautiful and meaningful! For more information, please visit MagnetStreet.com


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    Thank you Grace–we are very honored by this feature! Our best to all the planning brides and grooms. Let us know if you have any questions–we’re happy to help. :)

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    My pleasure Heidi. I love your work so I’m happy that I could help. I hope any brides and grooms reading this take a good look at Magnetstreets work as these ladies are super talented and lovely to work with.


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