12 Oct 2012

Impressing a Woman is Different to Impressing a Man – A Bean People Stereotype

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The difference between impressing a woman and impressing a man are two of those topics that have generated much comedy value down the years not to mention books, discussion panels and forums. Where men are from Mars, Women can most definitely be from Venus if age old comedy stereotypes are to be believed…and who are we to argue?

So today we present our take on this life long topic. Perhaps we should really qualify it with ‘Impressing a woman between the ages of 18 to 26 are entirely different to impressing a man of the same age bracket.’

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Grace Pamer is a full time romance and relationship writer. She writes romance and marriage proposal tip columns for various publications including YourTango.com and GalTime.com. As seen on FoxNews.com, Cosmopolitan.com, DivineCaroline.com and CanadianLiving.com to name but a few.

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One Response to “Impressing a Woman is Different to Impressing a Man – A Bean People Stereotype”

  1. Reply Tammy R says:

    Oh Grace! I think the buying her stuff is true for some women, but I highly recommend any man run the opposite way if that is a requirement. I think you could take that one off “my” list and then add the three from the men’s side. I think CJ would agree that he does all that, and I love beer!

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