08 Oct 2012

I Have Some Beach Proposal Ideas But Am I On The Right Track?

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Hi Grace, I’ve decided that I’m going to propose to my girlfriend next week on our 4-year anniversary and would love to run my idea by you. I have some beach proposal ideas in mind but have settled on one in particular. As we will be celebrating our anniversary anyway, I was planning on taking her to this amazing beach I found recently that is so quiet and hidden and has a great sunset view in the evening. I was thinking we could spend the day there and have a picnic, and then propose when we’re watching the sunset together. I really want to spice it up a bit, do you have any thoughts? Cheers, Ben.

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Dear Ben,

I love your idea of combining your anniversary with the proposal – that should make for an emotionally and romantically memorable day, for sure! And the proposal on the beach while watching the sunset, and later on relaxing under the moonlight (make sure if you can that there will be at least a half-moon for your evening) and the stars – well, for my tastes it just doesn’t get much better than that. It sounds to me like you really want this to be a private affair, without a lot of friends helping you out or getting in the way, so you’re going to be on your own for this one.

You say that it’s a very secluded beach, but you might want to visit it a few times in the evening just to be as sure as you can be that it won’t be crowded the night you propose. You’ll want to do some scouting while you’re there too, so you can find a place to hide things if you need to. One suggestion is that after you arrive you could stash the ring in a protected place, if there is a dune, or driftwood pile, or some other feature around where it would be safe for a while. Then you could pretend to stumble upon it on a walk together. Of course, if it’s an open beach front with nothing to hide it in, you may have to improvise – just don’t lose the ring trying to make it happen.

Another idea is to tell your girlfriend that you have a surprise for her, and to ask her for a few minutes alone to get ready. You’ll need a scarf or bandana for a blindfold, and it will add to the romance too. While she is not looking, go down the beach a couple of hundred yards or so, and with a stick or a shell, write your words of proposal in the sand – above the incoming waterline of course. Make sure you do it large enough so it can be read from a distance. Then go back to get her, and take her for a blindfolded walk. When you reach a good location to read your message in the sand, take off the blindfold, and make sure she sees the sand writing. Then take your ring out and say it out loud.

I believe your beach proposal is a wonderful idea, and a romantic and relaxed day on the beach picnicking couldn’t end in a better way. Don’t worry too much about the spicy details – your plan and a couple of additions will be just fine. I also think that you should be proud that you found a way to propose that is so personal and intimate, and will be a time to remember forever. I wish you and her all the best.


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