03 Jul 2013

I Have A Childhood Crush And I Plan To Give A Letter of Love For Her On Her Birthday

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Dear Susie,

I am sure that this letter may come as a surprise, even as a shock, to you, But please rest assured that I am being totally sincere and honest in these words and in this communication. Indeed, they just might be the truest and most open and candid words I have ever spoken in my life. I have tried, for many mostly very good reasons, to keep my feelings for you hidden through these past few years, but the time has come for me to bare my soul to you. The truth is that I have been in love with you since we were children, and that this feeling that I have for you has only grown stronger over the years that we have been acquainted. So, I have decided that for your birthday, I must honor you and express my deepest feelings for you in this letter of love.

I will always remember the day that we first became friends. I had moved into the house down the road from you, and we found ourselves playing, as children do, together under an old billboard along the highway. Obviously, we were both just kids and too young to know anything about love, but I felt a stirring inside me on that day. From then on, whenever I had the opportunity to be with you I took it. Whether we were put together by our parents on a rainy day ( I was too shy to suggest such a meeting, but my mother was understanding about a boy’s childhood crush and helped it along), or if we got together by chance on an otherwise boring summer afternoon, I looked forward to out time together. As these times and encounters continued, I found myself feeling something that I had not felt before, and it was only later that I recognized it as love.

As time went by and we grew older and more aware of what the world was all about, we somehow drifted apart. We went into secondary school not being able to be honest with each other about how we really felt, but knowing all along that the love was there. I remember going to the senior prom with another girl, and seeing you there with a friend of ours. It felt so wrong, and yet I knew that until I took the initiative and told you how I really felt about you, there could be no other end to our story. That’s why I have decided, at this stage in our lives while we still have a chance, to tell you exactly how I feel, and how much I love you.

Please understand that I dream about you every night. I dream, and remember each dream, of our life together, of what we will do, the children we will raise together, the home we will make, and of the years we will spend in bliss and happiness. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that we were meant to be together, and I am focusing all of my energy and effort into accomplishing that goal. With this love letter I am asking you to confirm my sentiments, and to become my wife. I have always loved you, and I always will, no matter what happens.

Yours completely,


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