17 Apr 2012

How You’re Killing Your Long-Distance Romance

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I would love to share the tips I came across on justgoabroad.wordpress.com about the 5 ways that you can kill your relationship if you’re studying abroad or trying something like a long distance relationship. The steps outlined include putting your friends before your beau, talking about new experiences all the time, obsessing about how long you’ve been apart, showing jealousy, and becoming a hermit.


In short read these tips if you recognize yourself in any of these points so you can save your long distance relationship before the rot sets in:
5 steps to killing your long-distance romance (whilst studying abroad)


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  1. Reply Vickie says:

    Thanks for the mention, I’m loving the blog! Did not expect to be quoted here at all!

    • Reply admin says:

      My pleasure Vickie and thank you for the kind words. I really liked the way you wrote the post. Looking forward to more and reading up on how things are going for you.


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