23 Aug 2012

How To Use The Summer Months For Romance

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Summer time is the season for romance where we live in the northern hemisphere – maybe it’s the same all over the world. But for summer to be a special time, it has to be an actual season, and there are many parts of the world closer to the equator that don’t have a summer per se, just a rainy season and a dry season. For those of us lucky (I think) enough to live in a more temperate latitude where we have spring, summer, fall, and winter, summer is indeed a special time. It seems that spring makes the promises that the longer days of summer romance will keep, and there are an infinite number of ways to take advantage of the desire for romance in the summer. Here are a few tips on how to make use of the summer months for the purpose of romance.

Go To the Beach
No matter where you live, there are beaches. They may be right around the corner if you live near the ocean or a large lake, or they may be a bit harder to find if you’re land bound. I live in the center of the country, and there are no large bodies of water here. But state parks and reservoirs usually have beach areas for swimming or at least sunbathing, and that’s all you need. After all, a blanket with your baby can be just about anywhere, as long as there’s water, a shoreline, and an area of sandy goodness, either artificial or natural. With a picnic basket, a beach towel, and a bottle of suntan oil, let the romance flow.

Go To A Park
Parks are wonderful places – your hard-earned tax money has actually paid for places that are secure and safe, maintained, clean, forested, equipped with amenities like water and toilets, and large secluded areas where no one goes except to find romance. So if you do the same, no one will be surprised if they happen upon you and your lover. It’s much the same as the beach, only you’ll have to decide how much clothing is safe to shed. A park isn’t a beach, but folks often sunbathe in beach attire, so it can be a surrogate for a beach if there just isn’t one around. And of your local park doesn’t allow for such romantic notions, there’s nothing wrong with a picnic basket and some wine in a green, grassy glade. Nothing is more romantic than the feeling that you are in a natural setting, so you should let nature take its romantic course.

Have Outdoor Fun
The mention of parks conjures up meadow-like open spaces, with trees and manicured lawns abounding. But being in the great outdoors can simply mean taking advantage of local state parks and recreational areas. Romantic interludes are very likely when you can camp, hike, climb, fish, hunt, or any combination of those activities. Nothing is more romantic than a night camping under the stars, and a day spent canoeing or wandering through scenic vistas. If you don’t have a place like that nearby, chances are it’s less than a days’ drive away, and the romantic possibilities will be worth the effort to get to an outdoor setting. Mother nature calls, and romantics everywhere must heed the call, or miss the opportunity.

Summer Events
Another great destination for summer romance is the outdoor event. Most of us are within driving distance of an outdoor amusement park, which provides plenty of opportunity for romance. There’s nothing like a ferris wheel or a more exciting ride – even a roller coaster – to get the blood pumping and the love flowering. The summer months are the time for fairs and festivals of all kinds, and strolling down a carnival midway with your lover is a guaranteed romantic spectacular. Outdoor concerts are excellent places for romance as well, holding hands in the dark while listening to a favorite artist play your song. The possibilities are really endless for summer lovin’- it’s up to you and your creativity to find ways to use the summer months for romance.


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