06 Sep 2012

How To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Romantic Retreat

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Transforming your bedroom into a romantic retreat is easier than you think – and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. All you need is to give your bedroom a makeover that is pleasing to the senses, so that romance is in everything you see, smell, touch, etc. The following tips are all about the human sensory system, ensuring your bedroom is a romance haven for all of your senses:

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This is one of the most important senses to consider when creating the perfect, romantic bedroom. The first step is to clean and de-clutter the entire room, top to bottom. It is not romantic whatsoever to stare at piles of dirty clothes, cluttered dressers, dust everywhere. It is time to spring clean that bedroom, even if it is winter. Less is more, so box up any excess “stuff” and get it out of the room.

If possible, painting the room in warm colors will give the bedroom a romantic appeal virtually overnight. You needn’t spend a fortune or hire professionals and it doesn’t take long to accomplish. Colors like rust, beige, browns are very inviting – and you can even paint two walls one hue and the other two a different shade to mix things up.

With everything cleaned up and painted, let’s begin with the lighting. Though you may need a bright overhead light at times, have warm/soft bulbs by the bed and keep the brightness out except when completely necessary. Even when the bedroom isn’t in use, seeing the soft glow illuminating from the bedroom will make you anxious for bed.

Add small, decorative accents that are pleasing to the eye and that compliment the colors/theme in your bedroom. Thrift stores are wonderful places to gather those aesthetically pleasing touches. Drape some lace over the headboard or curtain rod. Have fun but don’t overdo it. Again, a romantic bedroom thrives on the “less is more” mentality.


Though curling up to watch a movie in bed can be romantic at times, there is no romance in a bedroom with television commercials blaring in the background. If at all possible, remove the tv from the bedroom and reserve these quarters for meaningful couple time only.

In addition, have a small music player within reach, with soft and soothing music available at your bedside with just a touch of the button. It doesn’t need to drown out communication, but playing softly in the background will create the romantic atmosphere you crave. If both partners would enjoy it, a sound machine that plays ocean waves and other sounds can be romantic, too.


Bedding is everything in a romantic bedroom. This is the one place you should splurge on yourself. Whether high thread count or satin sheets, it should feel good on the skin when you get beneath the covers. Also, a soft throw over the bedspread and fuzzy rugs at the bedside to treat your bare feet will feel fantastic.

Finally, touch also involves touching your partner’s skin as well. Invest in some nice, aromatic massage oils and keep them on the nightstand for massages, whether short or long in duration.


Aromatherapy is perfect in romantic bedrooms, as long as it isn’t too overpowering and the scent is enjoyed by both lovers. Someone who likes patchouli, for example, will most likely not enjoy strong floral scents – so choose aromas wisely.

For the perfect smell in the romantic bedroom, purchase a few candles (also great for the sight sense) to light when you will be in the room. At other times, keep the heavenly aroma flowing with potpourri or any other safe, non-flammable product.


I’m including this last of the five senses, but not according to taste buds. Taste is very important, however, as it refers to each individual’s “fashion taste.” This important tip can be overlooked, when one gets a boost of enthusiasm to overhaul the bedroom into a romantic paradise.

The decor needs to compliment the tastes of both partners, or the results will be disappointing. Perhaps you feel a jungle theme, complete with zebra bedding, would be the perfect romantic bedroom. However, it may remind your partner of a child’s bedroom decor and not inviting at all. That is why staying with hues is probably the best option, unless the couple is romantically driven mutually by a certain theme.

But of course, taste can also mean some chocolate covered strawberries on the nightstand… a very romantic gesture to replace that bag of Cheetos!


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