16 Nov 2012

How To Pull Off The Perfect Marathon Marriage Proposal

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If you have already discussed marriage with your other half then chances are that she may already be half expecting you to propose some day soon. A great way of staging a totally unexpected proposal is to pop the question during or at the end of a marathon. If it’s only your girlfriend who has signed up for the challenge then you could make her day extra special by waiting on the side lines with a small jewelry box in your pocket. If you’re the one doing the running then you’ll need to either carry the ring along the route or ask a trusted friend to keep hold of it for you.
Marathon Marriage Proposal

Marathon Marriage Proposal 101

1. Try and Add a Touch of Glamour to the Occasion

Competing in a marathon requires months of strenuous training, dedication and determination. You should expect similar challenges as you go about planning your marathon marriage proposal. There will be times when you’ll feel like giving up but try and see it through because it will be so worth it to see the look of astonishment on her face.

Involve all of your family and friends in your plan and swear them to secrecy so that nobody lets the cat out of the bag before the big day. If it’s you competing in the marathon, then decide at which point along the way that you are going to propose. It’s common for partners to wait at the finish line, although some girlfriends and boyfriends try to show their support right along the route. If you decide to pop the question just before the finishing line then you can plan things well in advance.

Presumably you will have left the ring with a friend or family member and they will have arranged a fitting way to celebrate the occasion after the run. It would be great if all of your mutual friends and family could wear matching tiaras and be waiting with cupcakes and champagne to toast the pair of you. You could even create a few banners with your names on them or hire a band to play music as you come across the finishing line. If your girl says yes then you will feel a mixture of relief and euphoria and you will know that it’s been a case of blood, sweat and tiaras. Just check out this amazing marathon marriage proposal at the North Pole if you don’t believe me!

2. Use your Imagination

Picture the scene, your body is drenched with sweat and your feet are killing you after running for nearly 26 miles solidly. You can see your girl cheering you on and calling out your name when you begin to slow down as you approach her by the side of the road. The crowds soon get wind that something epic is about to happen so they grow quiet while you pronounce your love to your girlfriend. You make your marathon marriage proposal and jokingly tell her that if she doesn’t say yes then you won’t finish the race. She says yes through tears of joy and the crowd all cheer. You are a hero in their eyes and your girlfriend will think that you are truly amazing.

In this video, a romantic runner can be seen getting down on one knee to pop the question to his sweetheart. This was filmed during the Steamtown marathon in Scranton, PA. If you want to do this, however, make sure you still have enough breath left to ask the question, so don’t leave it until the end of the race if you’re not in peak physical condition.

3. Make her Notice You

Perhaps your girlfriend is the sporty type and so you are simply cheering her on from the side lines. You can still make a lovely romantic marathon marriage proposal by holding up a massive banner which reads ‘Michelle (or whatever her name is), I am so proud of you, will you marry me?’ There’s a good chance that when she spots this sign amongst the crowd of cheering supporters that her legs will buckle under her with the shock so be ready to catch her in case she falls! Perhaps you could paint your face gold so that she definitely notices you. Wait to see what her response is and then hopefully slip the ring on her finger leaving her to finish the race in a dream-like state.

Here’s another great example of such a Marathan Marriage Proposal in full swing.

4. Choose the Right Moment

If you are planning to run together in the marathon this is even more romantic because you will have already trained hard together in preparation for the run so it’s very much a joint venture. You could wait until you have both stepped over the finishing line and after your medals have been awarded, crouch down on one knee and propose to your woman in front of hundreds of spectators. You could have someone take a photograph of the occasion and you could share it with friends and family later on. Alternatively you could try to propose after around ten miles and you could finish the race hand in hand.

Alternatively, if your girlfriend hates anything too public then wait until you are in the first aid tent. Plan your move carefully so that it’s nice and quiet, and perhaps ask the person who is carrying out treatments if she would step outside for a few minutes (if you let them know what you have planned this won’t be a problem.) Once the tent is deserted, get down on one knee and declare your intentions towards your girlfriend. Hopefully the endorphins will still be present from all the running and she will not hesitate in saying yes.

Once you have received your letter confirming marathon entry, you can start planning straight away. You could even arrange a party for the next weekend so that you give yourself time to recover from any sprains and pulled muscles. Your engagement cake could be in the shape of a runner, a training shoe or a medal to commemorate the special way that you proposed. A marathon marriage proposal will be like a bolt from the blue and will certainly deliver a surprise to the one you love.

Marathon Marriage Proposal

What Next?

Now that your plan is all set it’s time to turn your attention to the engagement ring buying and there’s no better place to start than our engagement ring guide. It’s all been written to take the stress and sting out of the process and make it as easy as possible for you so you can find the perfect ring, at a budget you can afford, in the least amount of time. So please do make full use of it and let us know if you have any questions.


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