12 Jul 2012

How To Pull Off A Successful Scrabble Marriage Proposal

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Okay, so the time has come to think about making an honest woman of your girlfriend (not that we’re implying she’s not honest…it’s just a saying). Do you stick with traditional and go down on one knee in a dimly lit restaurant, or should you try and think of something slightly more exciting and original? If you guys are the book worm types and love the written form then the scrabble marriage proposal could be for you. Here are some tips to get you started.

Scrabble Marriage Proposal

The Perfect Scrabble Marriage Proposal 101:

1. Create a Distraction

Presuming she has agreed to have a game of scrabble, it’s up to you to ensure that you have the correct letters on your tray, so you need to peep inside the bag beforehand to take out the necessary tiles. You could ask her to go and make you a drink or pretend that you heard the telephone ringing, and ask her to answer it. This will free up a precious few minutes to procure the letters.

Although you’re obviously planning to propose, you need to make it a surprise so try and keep everything as normal as possible to prevent your girlfriend becoming suspicious. As she re-enters the room, make it look like you’re creating a score sheet so that she won’t think anything is odd.

Ensure you’re a good scrabble player so that your words come out well, like in this video:

2. Decide How You Will Display The Letters

You have two choices really. You can spell out ‘marry me’ on your tray and then tell her that you have some crazy letters. She will probably ask to see them at this point and at first you should tease her by refusing, but you should eventually show her the tray with the message on and wait for her reaction.

The second option is to actually spell out the words on the games board itself. For this to work you should try and organize it so that you have the first turn. You can then make sure that you create a word which includes one of the letters from the proposal, for example, you could make the word ‘heart’ so that you have the letter ‘a’ to work with to use in the word ‘marry’.

If this seems too complicated then you may have to spell out your proposal and leave the board somewhere within the house that she will definitely see it such as the kitchen counter or the bedroom. If you decide to use this method then you will have to loiter so that you can see her full reaction when she spots the proposal.

3. It’s in the Bag

A really cute and romantic way to propose would be to spell the letters out on the board when she is out of the room (perhaps wait until she pops to powder her nose so to speak) and place the engagement ring inside the letter bag. Imagine her face when she places her fingers in the bag to pick out some tiles and finds a fabulous sparkler instead?

This will be a proposal that she will remember forever and it will certainly encourage her to want to play a lot of scrabble in the future as it will always remind her of how romantic you are.

If you want to spell out your proposal, but in a bigger way, why not take inspiration from this creative proposal video?

4. Arrange a Games Marathon

This would involve a little planning as you could do it for charity and invite several friends and family members along. It could take place somewhere public or inside your home. You could ask people to sponsor you to play a variety of games for as many hours as possible. She will never imagine that you are planning to propose but you could warn everyone else so that they can be there to share in your celebration. You should try and play your scrabble tournament somewhere in the middle so that your girlfriend is not too tired to appreciate the sentiment. Once she has accepted your hand in marriage, you can pop open the champagne and have an intimate party with those closest to you.

Pulling off the perfect scrabble marriage proposal will require a little planning but it will be worth it to produce such a fun method of proposing. If you’re both the type who enjoy board games and puzzles, then this type of marriage proposal will definitely be fitting.

Scrabble Marriage Proposal

Scrabble Marriage Proposal

What Next?

With your proposal idea firmly set it’s now time to move onto the ring buying. To help you make the perfect choice for your partner and to ensure you don’t get ripped off at the same time we’ve created a dedicated engagement ring buying guide section to help you. It walks you through what you need to look for when looking at diamond rings, advice as to who to take with you to chose the ring as well as pointers from jewellers as to sizing up the quality of the diamonds. I trust it will help save you time and money when making this important decision.


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