24 Aug 2012

How To Pull Off A Successful On Stage Proposal

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Proposals made in public places are increasingly popular these days if the amount of viral hits on Youtube.com is anything to be believed. Being a star of sorts for a few minutes, or even days, seems to be a real motivator for some people. Take caution however for there are plenty of pitfalls with planning a proposal like this and it is not for every girl. In fact it could be the source of huge embarrassment so tread carefully.

With that warning out the way and you clearly sure that your girlfriend is not going to mind being the focus of attention, one of the most public spots you could choose to ask your fiance to marry you is on a stage, in front of hundreds if not thousands of people. Both you and she will be the center of attention for a very short time, but it should be enough to get the job done. So check out these tips for a successful on stage proposal if you have the stomach for such a plan of action and, more importantly, you know that she does (seriously I can’t stress this enough).
On Stage Proposal

Planning Your On Stage Proposal 101

1. Pick The Event

If you’re going to propose on stage, obviously the first thing to do is to choose the event that will provide the best situation for your own mini-event. Concerts are a natural choice, since many people share a love of music and have a favorite band that they like to see in a live setting. You could even provide the music performance yourself by singing, like this guy does in his on stage proposal at Universal Studios.

2. Pick The Venue

A regional group that has a following in a smaller area might be a better choice than, say, the Rolling Stones. And with bands having their own Facebook pages and contact being easier to accomplish, you can probably make your request directly. Other possible stage events to consider are plays or presentations, half-time shows at sports events, and between show times at county fairs.

3. Keep It A Secret Until The Last Second

One problem with the on stage proposal is getting her out there without letting her know what you’re planning. Especially if she’s the shy type, you may have to get very creative to coax her up on stage, and some subterfuge might be necessary in any case. If you can get the band or someone with microphone access to go along with the ruse, you could be announced as winners of a contest or raffle, or your license number could be announced and the owner asked to come up for a special giveaway of some kind.

4. Plan Your Proposal Properly

However you decide to go about it make sure you plan carefully. You’ll need to get tickets to the staged event, if needed, in advance and to firm up a time for your proposal. You’ll only have a minute or two, and of course that’s all you’ll need, but you’ll have to have a strategy to be notified of the right time to go up on stage… so plan those toilet breaks carefully is all I’m saying!

Once you’re on the stage, you’ll want the person with the microphone to set up your proposal, or you could take control yourself and say some meaningful words like the guy in the following video does by reciting a poem on stage. You’ll need the ring at the ready, and when you are at center stage and the crowd is roaring, you’ll need to go down on one knee in the traditional manner and pop the question.

If you have the kahuna’s then this is a marriage proposal that no one will ever forget! Plan it well, plan it in advance and absolutely be sure that your partner will be comfortable with the public nature of this proposal as it is not for everyone.

On stage proposal people

If you have any doubts whatsoever then please do use the below marriage proposal calculator and try some different ideas on for size.

Pros and cons of an on stage marriage proposal

What Next?

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Have you ever proposed on stage? How did it go? Did you consider it and then reject it? If so, how come? Please share your experiences and help the next guy get this right!


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