07 Sep 2012

How To Pull Off A Successful Marriage Proposal On An Iconic Location

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Making a proposal of marriage is an inherently risky thing to do – there’s always the off chance that she’ll say no. But some good advice to anyone who worries about that possibility is to be like an attorney – never ask a question you don’t know the answer to. It’s also true that if you want to make a successful marriage proposal memorable, romantic, and affirmative, then you should make it a splash, a spectacle and do it big. So the question really is how to propose? There are many ways to pop the question, but one of my all-time favorites is the iconic location proposal.
Iconic Location Marriage Proposal

Successful Marriage Proposal On An Iconic Location 101

1. Pick A Location

As the name suggests, the most important aspect of this type of proposal is choosing where to do it. An iconic location is a place that has meaning to a large number of people, is well-known through pop cultural, has qualities that make it an attractive place for a variety of reasons, and is accessible to the average person. That rules out the top of Mt. Everest for most of us, but what’s more important is that the location is invested with meaning and is held in high esteem by you and your fiancée. It doesn’t count that you love the old hockey rink in your hometown and that it means a lot to you – it has to be iconic for both of you. Obviously, getting to a suitable place is going to be an expense, but you may be able to find a location that’s relatively close.

Check out this amazing video of a proposal that takes place in Times Square – now that’s how you use an iconic location for a proposal!

Christina & Joe: Times Sq Proposal from Steve D. Long on Vimeo.

2. Stay In The Great Outdoors

There is no shortage of places to go in this category, but there are a few that resonate with many people. The Grand Canyon is a clear favorite, and very appropriate for those who love natural beauty and a setting full of grandeur. Glacier National Park in northwest Montana is another great place to go in the summer and the scenery fits the very definition of an iconic location. It’s THE place if you want hiking and real wilderness. Mt. Rushmore is a place that everyone should see at least once, and it may have special meaning for the two of you – it combines the national park with the historical.

If you would rather your proposal took place somewhere a little more exotic, the Taj Mahal is one place that should be considered, as this couple demonstrate:

3. Up On The Roof – Or At Least The Top Floor

The combination of the romantic rooftop proposal and the iconic location is a real winner. For example, the Empire State Building in New York City is famous from movies, and has definite romantic implications. What everyone still calls the Sears Tower in Chicago is not only way up there, but now has a glass floored area where a proposal would be unforgettable – as long as you’re OK with heights. The famous Trans-America building in San Francisco, and the Space Needle in Seattle are just a couple of other examples of sky-high iconic places for a proposal or how about the recently opened Shard in London?

4. Stay Indoors

If you and your fiancée are the shopaholic type and you want to work in a visit to a famous mall, the Mall of America in Minnesota or the Galleria in Houston would certainly be appropriate – not your ordinary everyday malls, but well-known centers. For art lovers there are many famous museums to choose from, among them the National Gallery in Washington DC, the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and the Art Institute of Chicago – there’s one near you, no doubt. For museum lovers, iconic locations such as the Smithsonian, or the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago are excellent choices.

If you or your partner are returning home from a trip, an iconic airport will always go down as a winner for a proposal location, as seen in this video:

5. For City Slickers Only

There of course many urban sites that are famous, and may have a special connection for you and your lover. Times Square and Central Park in NYC are absolutely on the list of possibilities, and a taking a Chicago river cruise would a wonderful public, urban and well-known way to pop the question. On the west coast Fisherman’s Wharf and Chinatown in San Francisco are favorites, and in LA Hollywood and the famous sign in the background would be great choices.

6. Make It A Really Big Show

Many of us have special sentimental attachments to really big places like sports or concert venues. We may have had first dates there or enjoyed a live show with someone special. A favorite arena, stadium or other venue such as Madison Square Garden, Soldier Field, the Superdome, and many others would make the grade for an iconic spot. So, you can make your big play in a big showy way!
Iconic Location Marriage Proposal ideal

What Next

So you’ve planned your marriage proposal and there’s only one thing left to do: select the engagement ring that will seal the deal. To help you out and make the process easier, we’ve got everything you need all in one place in our engagement ring buying guide section.


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