19 Jul 2012

How To Pull Off A Successful Log Flume Proposal

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People often say that life is a rollercoaster, and it certainly could be if you decide to propose to your girlfriend at a theme park, in particular on the log flume! The excitement from the ride, combined with the thrill of your proposal, will make this an event to remember for sure. If this idea appeals to you, be sure to check out these tips on how to pull it off.

Log Flume Marriage Proposal

Log Flume Proposal 101

1. Create a Spark

A great idea for a Log Flume proposal is to visit the park when it’s dark and arrange for a small firework display after she has accepted your proposal. Again this may require permission but since it will attract publicity for the park, it’s highly unlikely that you will be refused.

Offer to get the local newspapers to cover the story and this will keep the park owners sweet. There’s something quite magical about theme parks and this magic will be even better with a few statement fireworks lighting up the moonlit sky.

2. Arrange a Fanfare

To make the occasion extra special you could email or talk with the amusement park officials in advance in order to let them in on your plans. Ask if it would be possible for you to have a band such as a string quartet play some romantic music while you pop the question and enquire whether you would be legally allowed to have a glass of champagne. You may be offered the chance to have a little sip in the offices if alcohol is not allowed in the actual park, or you could celebrate with some sparkling non-alcoholic wine.

A theme park is the ideal setting for a musical number. This video is a great example of what can be accomplished:

3. Rope in Three Pals

Whenever people go on the Log Flume, it’s common for their photograph to be taken as they go down on the ride, so why not incorporate this into your proposal?

Most Log Flumes are designed to seat five people so you will need three friends to hold the banners with ‘will’, ‘you’, ‘marry’ words on them and you can then hold the ‘me’. It goes without saying that you must swear these people to secrecy. Once you have been around the park and gone on all of the rides you can then announce that it’s time to go and collect your group photograph.

When she gets the photograph in her hands and sees the proposal she will be absolutely flabbergasted, and it’s at this point that you should automatically drop down to one knee and present her with the ring. She will certainly feel like she is on an emotional rollercoaster!

4. Propose Twice

Once you have set everything up for the log flume proposal, you could keep hold of the letters and re-propose on another ride such as a rollercoaster so that your girlfriend will have two separate displays of love and devotion that will leave her breathless. This will make your proposal a special ‘theme park’ themed proposal. There’s no better way to pop the question if you’re both adrenalin junkies. It’s even been known for people to tie the knot on scary rides, so proposing seems like the obvious step.

If your girlfriend loves her proposal then you could carry this theme right across to your wedding day and honeymoon. You could name courses on your wedding breakfast menu after certain rides such as ‘Rollercoaster Risotto’ or ‘Loop de Soup’ for starter. This would remind the pair of you of your journey and would allow your guests to share your joy. This will make your proposal and wedding day into occasions that will be forever imprinted on people’s brains due to the fact that they were so unusual yet immensely enjoyable.

 Log Flume Marriage Proposal
Pros and Cons of a Log Flume Marriage Proposal

What Next

Now that you’re all set with your carefully planned out marriage proposal, maybe it’s time to consider choosing the engagement ring. Don’t panic! You’ve already done the hard part, and we’ve made this next step nice and easy with our dedicated engagement ring buying guide which you can find here. You can find out everything you need to know about picking the perfect ring to accompany your proposal.


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