14 Sep 2012

How To Pull Off A Successful Holiday Proposal

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Everyone loves holidays and the festivities that go along with them, which of course makes them a great time for a proposal of marriage. Working people can usually stretch their vacation time over holidays, which always comes in handy. And then there’s the unique character and flavor of each holiday, something you can certainly use to your advantage. The built-in fact that a holiday is a special time just adds the icing to the cake, because your proposal is bound to make it a special day like no other, and a day to remember. Here are some tips on how to pull off a memorable holiday proposal.

Holiday Proposal

Holiday Proposal 101

1. Choose The Ideal Holiday Date

The most important part of this plan is clearly picking the right holiday. Timing is everything, and you may be constrained by your own schedule and other factors to a certain time period. In that case you won’t have a lot of choices – there are only so many holidays, after all. Valentine’s Day would be an obvious and perfectly acceptable choice since it is the romantic holiday. But there may be good reasons to choose a different one. For example, if you had a great early date at Easter or Halloween, you might want to plan the proposal around one of those days. If there was a memorable Christmas or New Year’s occasion in your history together, you can make that work as well.

Just be sure that other connotations of the holiday you pick don’t get in the way of your plan, and that it feels like the appropriate time for both of you.

Take for example this video where a guy called Jeff Hall pulled off a romantic plane marriage proposal with the help of the crew. You can read a full interview with Jeff as to how he pulled this off right here.

2. Choose The Holiday Proposal Location Carefully

After you’ve chosen a holiday date for the big question, you need to think about where it will happen. For lovers on Valentine’s Day, Paris has always been a traditional locale. But there are many others, to choose from, and your own knowledge of your partner and your budget limitations, may come into play. There’s nothing wrong with going local, for instance, if you have a connection to a place that works great with the holiday.

3. Choose The Setting

The setting is the location the proposal will happen. If you decide that Easter will be the holiday because you met in a bar on Easter Sunday, and you have chosen to fly to Rome and really make a big impression, then you’d want to go to an appropriate spot for the actual proposal. In Niagara Falls for a Valentine’s Day event, you would want to find a chapel or other venue for the proposal. Or you may have a concert or play in mind – in any case, your meticulous plan should include where you will go to pop the question just like the guy in this video managed to.

4. Make It Happen

If you and your fiancée will be jetting off alone to your chosen destination, you’ll have to enlist assistance from likely folks at the venue. You will definitely want someone to record the entire process, and you may need help with timing and announcing at a public event. If you are staying local you can get friends involved – usually a good thing to do. With your holiday proposal plan in place, the ring in your suitcase (don’t forget it!), and the words you will use to ask for her hand in marriage, you’ll be ready to make a lasting impression.

Holiday Marriage Proposal
The Pros and Cons of a Holiday Marriage Proposal

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