05 Jul 2012

How to Pull Off a Successful Fairy Lights Proposal

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Proposing marriage to your partner is one of the most romantic and yet also difficult things a man has to face. The moment when you pop the question to your lover should be carefully orchestrated and planned for maximum effect – after all, it’s the moment when you both make that lasting commitment to each other that will reverberate through and affect the rest of your life together.

It’s also a moment that will be remembered forever by the two of you, so why not make it as spectacular as possible? There are many ways to plan and carry out a proposal, but if you’re going for dramatic, romantic, memorable, and impressive all in one package, few methods compare to the fairy lights proposal method.

Fairy Lights Proposal 101

1. What Is A Fairy Lights Proposal?

Fairy lights are tiny LEDs that are strung on a very fine wire, powered by a small battery pack. You can get them in varying lengths and colors, and they are quite beautiful in a twinkly, fairyland sort of way. Because they don’t need to be plugged in like Christmas lights do, they are very portable, and because the wire they are mounted to is pliable, they can be formed and made into all kinds of shapes and configurations.

2. Where Do I Put Them?

The setting for the fairy light proposal is very important, because you want the lights to be visible and striking. As such you don’t want a brightly lit environment, or for that matter a crowded or often-used place. A dark area of a park or forest preserve is good, as long as it’s easy to get to. Of course, you can also use an indoor setting if you want to although the impact will not be quite the same.

What you are trying to do is create a little wonderland, a magical place to deliver your message. If you apply a bit of creativity and ingenuity, you’ll find just the right spot just like the guy did in the following video.

A second consideration is how you should mount the string of lights or whether they be mounted at all? The answer depends on how you’re going to use the lights.

In the following example video the guy utilised both Christmas trees and the space on the floor to create a little wonderland for his girlfriend to be dazzled by.

3. How Do I Use Them?

The great thing about fairy lights is that they can be shaped into letters. Think about the possibilities – you can actually spell out your proposal in lights. Certainly it should be short – “Will You Marry Me?” works, and gets your message across, just like it did for the guy in the following video.

Alternatively, you can use the lights to create a little space like a cave or grotto, and put a blanket on the ground so you can both settle into the environment before popping the question.

Whether you form letters or swirls, you can just put them on the ground, or use a length of garden border made from wire or wood. If utilising a larger area something like chicken wire and tent stakes will work.

4. How Much Help Do I Need?

You’ll need an assistant in your plan to help you set up your display, and to be a part of the action when it happens. If you choose to set up your fairy light proposal in a public place like a park or forest preserve, you’ll need someone to stay with the setup and protect it while you go to get your lover. As you approach, your assistant can turn on the lights so that they magically appear at just the right time.

5. How Impressed Will She Be?

If you have planned the whole proposal and have a ring in hand, it can’t help but be a memorable night. Be sure that your helper can videotape the proceedings – it may have to be close-up if your fairy light space is very dark. Then you will both have a record of a romantic night to remember, and to treasure forever.

Fairy Lights Marriage Propsal

The Pros and Cons of a Fairy Lights Marriage Propsal

What Next?

Once you have your marriage proposal plan in hand it’s time to turn your attention to picking the perfect ring. The one which will make her go “wow” but at the same time not break the bank!

That’s why we’ve put the Engagement Ring buying guide together which you can visit here. It’s full of impartial advice about what to look for in a ring, who to shop with and how much to spend. It also offers insights from those who have been there and done it so please make good use of it and don’t be caught out by making a bad buying choice or being ripped off. The intention is to save you time and money whilst getting the choice perfect for your partner!


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