10 Apr 2012

How To Pull Off a Skydiving Marriage Proposal

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Asking someone to marry you is a big deal so you want to get it right. The pressure to pick the right place, right moment and right situation can all weigh heavy. So why not consider some of the more extreme ways to do it if nothing more than to discount the proposal idea as a ‘not for me’ kind. As such I give you today’s marriage proposal idea of the day: a skydiving marriage proposal.
Skydiving Marriage Proposal

Skydiving Marriage Proposal 101

1. Skydiving Proposal Considerations

If you want your loved one to remember their proposal for the rest of their life you should consider doing a skydive whilst you propose. This is an ideal way to make the occasion extra special if you are either an adrenalin junkie or just want to do something that is completely off the wall.

If you and your partner have never skydived before it might look suspicious if you suddenly announce it out of the blue, especially if you are not prone to this kind of surprise. Of course it depends on what type of relationship you have and what type of person your partner is. If you are the type of couple who like trying new things then you may just get away with it. For couples who have skydived before, a surprise proposal will be a lot easier to execute. Check out this video by way of example.

2. Multiple Skydiving Proposal Options

Over the years people have done many strange things while skydiving. These things have been undertaken in order to get in to The Guiness Book of Records or to get five minutes of fame. Believe it or not it has been proven that it is possible to get a tattoo as you are skydiving, shave your face using a manual razor and send several text messages from a cell phone. These things have all been officially documented and are 100% true. Given that these types of activities are possible, a proposal does not seem too difficult a challenge!

It certainly is an achievable goal with a little forward thinking and planning. Make friends and family aware of what you are planning so that they can add their own special touches such as holding up banners and taking photographs. Perhaps you could plan a family meal for afterwards to mark the occasion in style or just a romantic meal for two. One thing is for sure, you will both have huge idiotic grins on your faces just like the lovely couple in this skydiving proposal video!

3. The Planning Process

There are several ways you can plan this proposal. The first choice would be to place a gigantic banner on the landing spot so that your partner would slowly notice it coming into focus as he or she got nearer to the ground. You could plan it so that you jump first and can be waiting with the ring and a bottle of champagne (presuming the answer is yes) when your partner lands. You might even want to let everyone else in on the secret weeks before hand so they can be there take photographs and film this special moment.

Another option is for you both to be in the plane together and just before your partner is about to jump, you propose, so that they have got the adrenalin rushing through them from the jump as well as butterflies in their tummy from the unexpected romantic gesture. You could try putting a ring on their finger whilst in mid air but this is risky as you may not be able to line your bodies up well enough and the ring may fall away. It is probably worth attempting using a toy ring, and saving the real sparkler for when you both come in to land.

Anyway, you can definitely look forward to a passionate kiss following such a daring heartfelt sign. You could arrange with the flying ground officials to supply flowers, champagne and perhaps play ‘congratulations’ over the loud speaker. If you are really daring you could attach a video camera to your safety helmet so that the entire magic moment is recorded for future reference.

4. Other Ideas to Consider

Another way of making a skydive proposal would be to attach a huge banner to the actual plane so that they will notice it while they are free falling, or later on when he or she has landed. Make sure you spell their name out in bold letters and sign it with a kiss and your own name. This type of gesture will have the crowds whooping and cheering as it is so romantic.

No matter which method you decide on, you are going to leave your loved one breathless and giddy! This method of proposing is certainly not for the faint hearted as it takes a lot of courage both to do the dive and to ask someone to marry you. It will definitely show your other half how much they are cherished by you given that you have made such a massive gesture.

This type of activity will almost certainly make the news so you will probably be famous for five minutes as well. It is one of the most inventive ways to propose and takes nerves of steel, preparation and determination. But to propose whilst doing a skydive will make for one of the best experiences you will both ever have, and give you lasting memories which you can cherish for the rest of your lives together.

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The Pros and Cons of a Skydiving Marriage Proposal

What Next

With your proposal idea firmly set it’s now time to move onto the ring buying. To help you make the perfect choice for your partner and to ensure you don’t get ripped off at the same time we’ve created a dedicated engagement ring buying guide section to help you. It walks you through what you need to look for when looking at diamond rings, advice as to who to take with you to chose the ring as well as pointers from jewellers as to sizing up the quality of the diamonds. I trust it will help save you time and money when making this important decision.


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