03 Aug 2012

How To Pull Off A Romantic Beach Marriage Proposal

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A romantic beach marriage proposal in the moonlight is one of those proposal ideas you just can’t go wrong with. Imagine it’s a starry night on a secluded beach of beautiful white sand. The waves are crashing in the background making a soundtrack for romance (no need for Barry White with nature lending a helping hand). The brilliant, full moon is shining down on the scene, creating a silvery glow that transforms the ocean, the beach, and your lover’s face. As she bends towards you for a kiss, you decide to pop the question…

But wait, there might be a better way, something a little more memorable, even spectacular. After all, you’re on a sandy beach, a place that people have scribbled and written on since the birth of man. What if your message was not a spoken but a written one?

Romantic Beach Marriage Proposal

Romantic Beach Proposal 101

1. Write It In The Sand

If you start getting creative with this idea, there are a multitude of ways to get the job done and pull it off successfully. The basic setting is the most important, obviously – you’ll need a beach, a moon, and maybe a tide. The tide is handy for the final act in the drama, washing away the message. It’s a beautiful romantic touch, but not absolutely necessary. If you have a beach and a moonlit night, you can work wonders. Oh, and you’ll need a few friends – or a couple dozen.

Just take this beach proposal video by way of example of what I mean!

2. Choosing Your Message

After looking at the calendar to figure out when the next full moon will be, as well as checking the weather for a nearly cloudless evening, it’s time to choose your message. You probably should go for the simple but effective “marry me” since you’re going to be spelling it out, but you can be more creative if you want – “I love you. Will you be my bride?” works just as well.

Who knows, maybe your lady will get so excited she’ll accidentally kick the ring right out of your hand like in this video.

3. How To Do It Right

Now comes the fun part – how to write the proposal in the sand. You may be thinking, well, with a stick of course, and that would work just fine as long as you make the letters big enough to read. But you could easily spell out your message with votive candles in red glass candle holders – a spectacular sight on a romantic beach under starry skies.

Your let’s get married communique could also be spelled out with sea shells on the beach, but again, you’ll have to have a lot of shells on hand to be able to make the letters as large as you can.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Then watch this beach marriage proposal for inspiration!

4. Getting Friends Involved

For all of these ideas, you’ll need some friends who can help you wit the set-up, write the message using your chosen method, and guard the area until you arrive with your surprised fiance and lead her to the spot where she can see the writing on the beach.

But my favorite method involves quite a few more helpers, and is guaranteed to be impressive and memorable: write your message with people. A person and a beach towel can be used to form part of a letter. Just plan it out on paper, and have a friend who can organize the whole show. Make it a beach party afterwards, and it will be an even bigger success.
Romantic Beach Marriage Proposal ideal
Pros and Cons of a Romantic Beach Marriage Proposal

What Next?

Now you have your plan starting to form in your head you need to have a think about the dreaded engagement ring. Never fear young steed for we have put together an engagement ring guide to help guide you through the process. It’s packed full of advice and suggestions that should take all the pressure off this important decision. It’s available here. Enjoy!


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