12 Apr 2012

How to Pull Off a Marriage Proposal at a Sporting Event

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As more and more people use social networking sites, it has become the norm for society to share their private moments with the rest of the world, from announcing a birth to telling people about successes and failures. With this in mind many people are choosing public places to pop the question with huge sporting events being a popular choice for many men. A common way is for their image to be shown on the big screen whilst they get down on one knee and gaze into their lover’s eyes with love and hope.

Be warned; It’s not for everyone!
Of course not every woman will appreciate such a private occasion being viewed by thousands of strangers so before you start making plans to stage this type of marriage proposal, consider whether it is the right thing to do for your loved one. If they are naturally shy and are the type who does not like a fuss, then perhaps this is not for them. Depending on her reaction, the proposal could actually be quite cringe worthy to witness for the viewer. The types of personalities who would suit such a public declaration would be extroverts, perhaps even exhibitionists.

It takes a lot of nerve to propose on the big screen so you need to be pretty sure that she will accept your proposal or possess a very thick skin. If she says no, you will face a life time of humiliation because your disappointed face will be beamed out to thousands of people and the chances are that this story will make the national news so you will be famous, but for the wrong reasons.

Therefore this type of proposal does carry a huge risk. However, if you are certain that this public proposal is for you, you should plan well ahead. Make sure you have bought tickets for a game that your girlfriend wants to see and check that she is not at work that day.

Next you have to go to the stadium or sports arena in person and discuss your plans with one of the officials. Let them know the exact time that you are planning to pop the question so that the camera operators are in on the big surprise and can film the entire thing, including her reaction. You could also pop to the venue earlier on the actual day to leave a bouquet and a bottle of champagne which one of the sports stewards could bring if she accepts your proposal.

If your girlfriend is up for all of the attention then hopefully she will be ecstatic and will accept your romantic proposal. This will certainly be something to tell the grandchildren in years to come! And of course your moment will be captured on film for eternity. The sports fans will cheer and this ambience will make the occasion extra memorable.

Alternatives to the big screen
If you really do not think that this is for your girlfriend then maybe another way of proposing at a sporting event would be to propose if your team score or if they win, you could ask at the end of the game or match.

A couple of years ago, a man proposed to his fiancée on the centre court at Wimbledon in the UK. This sporting event is watched by millions of people worldwide so it was a very brave move. The court setting itself is quite intimate compared to a football stadium so it turned out to be quite a romantic occasion, with even the famous tennis players joining in with the applause! They were actually eating Wimbledon’s famous strawberries and cream when he knelt down and placed the diamond ring in a strawberry. Luckily she said yes so they got their happy ever after. So maybe a compromise would be to choose a smaller sporting venue where there are not too many spectators.

If you yourself compete in sports then maybe you could choose one of these occasions to propose. Events such as a swimming gala, marathon or golf tournament would all be ideal places to propose. Perhaps you could even make the grand declaration of love while you are being presented with your medal. She is going to be at any event you take part in anyway supporting and encouraging the man she loves so why not give her a day to remember!

Let family and friends in on the surprise and perhaps they could make congratulations banners to hold up once she accepts. It is lovely to have family and friends around you once you have proposed as they can be there to share your happiness and be part of a special time.

Whatever you decide please let us know how you get on and good luck for your big moment!


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