05 Oct 2012

How To Propose With Family And Friends Involved

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The day you propose marriage to your sweetheart should be a beautiful and memorable day you will both treasure forever. It might also be a day that you, as the proposer, look forward to and anticipate with mixed emotions. After all, you will be asking your partner to marry you possibly in a public setting and, whilst no doubt absolutely positive she will say yes, there’s still that anxiety that goes along with the whole idea. As such having friends and family involved can certainly take some of the tension out of the occasion. So here’s our guide on how to propose with family and friends involved.
Family and Friends Marriage Proposal

How To Propose With Family And Friends 101

1. First Things First

The best way to get others who are close to you and your fiancée in on the proposal is to get them involved in the planning process. Try to choose a select group of those who are closest, most knowledgeable about both of you, and the most likely to want to help, if at all possible. These will be the folks who can make suggestions about everything from where to do it, to how to word your proposal. You should make it clear that all final decisions concerning the event will be yours to make, just in case there is someone who wants to take over, but you need to be open to all ideas brought to the table so that everyone feels that they have a chance to contribute.

The following video is a great example of how to propose with family and friends involved as the guy clearly took the time to work with them all to great effect in the planning stages.

2. Plan It Right

Having a number of people involved in the planning of your proposal will make it easier in many ways, because there will be helpers at every stage to knock ideas around with and to make sure it works. For example, say you and your family and friends decide that you want to propose in a local music venue, a small place where your favourite band will be performing. You can enlist volunteers to talk to the manager and tell him or her about the plan and get approval. Someone else can contact the band and set up a cue song and the timing of the on-stage arrival. Having a volunteer to record the proposal on video will take the worry out of that part of the plan. And of course, getting all the people there that you want to include will be much easier with the help of a crew.

The following video is another great example of how you could get your family and friends involved. In fact this proposal was so successful that it went viral around the world and was featured all over the TV news. So plan well and you might just be the next YouTube sensation to boot!

3. Rewards For All

In this situation where so many will have worked hard for you and your fiancée’s special evening, you’ll want to make sure everyone who was instrumental in helping you conduct a worry-free proposal gets appreciated. Depending on the venue and what happens afterward, you might want to give small gifts to the assistants, or at least thank them in a public way. But individual thank you notes would make it clear how much you are grateful to all of your family and friends for making your proposal a stress-free success – and how you look forward to making them your wedding planners as well.

Who is a Family and Friends Marriage Proposal ideal
Pros and Cons of a Family and Friends Marriage Proposal

What Next?

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