17 Aug 2012

How To Pull Off A Marching Band Proposal

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When it comes to marriage proposals, people have become very creative in recent years. Marriage proposals are being performed under water, while skydiving, running with the bulls at Pamplona, and on the highest mountains. The majority of proposals take place, of course, under more ordinary circumstances with most guys opting for a quiet romantic setting for the occasion. There are, however, those showboat types that love the grand gesture – and there’s nothing wrong with that if it fits both personalities. One of the most extroverted types of proposal ideas is a very public, very noisy one namely, a marching band proposal, and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Marching Band Proposal

Marching Band Proposal 101

1. You’ll Need A Band

The very first and most obviously important requirement for this method to work is having a marching band to hand. The best case is, naturally, if you are in such a band yourself. The second best would be if a close friend of yours plays tuba or something, and you can wrangle an introduction to the bandleader. Chances are the leader will have heard of this kind of thing before, or at least will enjoy the idea, and will go along with it. You will have to have a plan, because timing is all-important, and you’ll have to convince them that you won’t get cold feet at the last moment.

Take for example this video where a band member heads out to find his girlfriend in the crowd at a pre-arranged time and surprises the life out of her by proposing in front of the whole audience. Pretty amazing stuff!

2. You’ve Got To Have Friends Involved

In this situation it would be a good thing to have more than one friend in the band, but you’re going to need them as assistants in other ways too. If you are in the band, you will be leaving the staging area while the band is playing to go to your fiancée, so you’ll want a friend to have her in the right place at the right time for your proposal. If you’re not in the band, you will have to have an arrangement with the leader as far as when the song of choice will be played and how the crowd will know what’s happening – a public announcement or a large poster will do. And you’ll need a designated video camera person to get the whole thing recorded for posterity.

3. Pick A Song

Not just any song will do, because we’re talking about a big band here. One popular choice is the classic “Hey Baby,” but there are other possibilities. If you’re having trouble coming up with something, talk to the bandleader or ask your band friends about an appropriate tune. The song you’ve chosen will be played while you make your proposal, so you don’t want Stars and Stripes Forever, or Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog either. But it won’t be a slow, quiet romantic melody – it’s going to be loud and crowd-pleasing.

4. Play It Out

Once you have the venue (maybe a gymnasium, at a sporting event, or even at a parade), and the band is going to play your song, coordination and timing become very important. When the song is played, and an announcement of the special occasion happens, or a sign is held up or displayed (maybe you can get her name up on the scoreboard if you’re at a game), you have to make your way to the designated place (or you may already be there if you’re a spectator). Then you take out the ring and pop the question. If you’re lucky, a throng of people will witness her positive response and cheer enthusiastically while the whole thing happens. And you’ll get to watch it on video for ever after.

Marching Band Marriage Proposal ideal

Pros and Cons of a Marching Band Marriage Proposal

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