16 Nov 2012

How To Plan the Perfect Plane Marriage Proposal

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Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to plan any kind of surprise for your girlfriend, especially if she’s a bit of a control freak and likes to know exactly what is happening at any given time. Unless she’s a mind reader, she would never expect you to pop the question during a flight so planning a plane marriage proposal may be the only way to catch her off guard. However, if you are not 100% certain that she will answer in the affirmative, you should perhaps think of a plan B as there’s nowhere to hide on a plane. If you are confident that she will accept your proposal however then here are some tips on how to get the ball rolling.
Plane Marriage Proposal

Plane Marriage Proposal 101

1. Synchronize Your Plans

Before you make any official reservations, be totally clear that your girlfriend can take the time off and ask her to mark the date on her calendar or in her diary to avoid any uncertainty. To create a bit of a Red Herring, just inform her that you are taking her away for a short break as a romantic treat, or alternatively, pretend that you are taking her to meet members of your family. This should not arouse any obvious suspicions and will allow you to relax more about the whole thing. When booking the trip, remember to arrange for transport from the airport to the hotel so that everything runs like clockwork and the occasion remains stress free.

Just check out this excellent plane marriage proposal video by way of inspiration and read the full interview we did Jeff Hall, the guy proposing, to see how he pulled it off.

2. Try and Conceal the Engagement Ring

When you arrive at the airport you will undoubtedly have to go through security before boarding your flight. Make a point of going through a separate security check to your girlfriend in case she spots the ring as it would be a real shame to give the game away at this stage. Simply make up an excuse by saying that the queue is too long where she is, or you don’t like the look of the security man so you are going to join a different queue.

3. Inform the Cabin Crew

Before you take off, take the stewardess aside and let her in on your plans. Ask her whether there would be any chance of complimentary drinks or a special announcement over the intercom by the pilot to make the occasion extra special. Once you have briefed the crew, you then have to decide when to make your plane marriage proposal. It’s probably best to wait until everyone has eaten and been to the bathroom so that you are both comfortable and relaxed. However, if you want to create more of a thrill then a proposal during take off would certainly provide an element of excitement. Alternatively, you could pop the question during mid flight so that you can enjoy the rest of the journey as a happily engaged couple.

4. Propose During a Private Flight

If you know that your girlfriend does not like to be the center of attention then you could book a short flight on a private plane. If you do this as a birthday or anniversary gift she will probably just go with the flow without figuring out exactly what you’re plotting. Take flowers and champagne onto the plane and have the pilot fly past a specific place where you have spelled out ‘will you marry me’ in sand or perhaps on a giant billboard, or have a group of friends spell out a romantic proposal on the ground so it can be seen from the air. You can then nonchalantly point the proposal out to her and watch the expression on her face.

If you watch this short video you can see that’s exactly what this man did, only he took his girlfriend up in a helicopter so they could fly over the field where his friends displayed a large message.

5. Keep your feet on the ground

If you don’t want to go up in the air, you can always plan a fly by, where the plane you hire can perform some sky writing or pull a gigantic streamer message behind it proclaiming your love for your partner. You can see in this video that this is exactly what a guy did to propose to his girlfriend. The plane flies by pulling a message asking her to marry him. How romantic.

So if you are dead set on making a unique romantic gesture but you don’t want to go down the candle lit meal route, then a proposal on a plane is a refreshing alternative and will give you both something to talk about every single time you take a flight for the rest of your lives. Thinking further ahead, you could have tiny gold planes as part of your wedding theme so that the special day is included in the main special day. You could perhaps include an airplane print on your invitations, napkins or thank you cards to acknowledge that this was where it all officially began.

Plane Marriage Proposal
 Pros and Cons of a Plane Marriage Proposal

What Next?

Now that you’re settled on the how to propose question you now need to start planning and nothing is more important than chosing the perfect ring. It’s why we have created our engagement ring guide so as to take the stress out of this tricky business. It’s packed full of advice from people who have been there and done it and answers any question you’re likely to have about diamong rings themselves as well as etiquette. The aim is to save you time and money whilst making the perfect choice and who doesn’t want that?


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