24 Apr 2012

How to Plan the Perfect Fancy Dress Costume Marriage Proposal in Disguise

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Fiancés have proposed under the ocean, on mountaintops, while falling through the air, and while doing just about any activity you can think of but not too many have tried this full costume marriage proposal idea. It really has the power to shock and impress as your fiancée will have no idea who you are or what’s happening until you get down on one knee and say the magic words. The great thing about it is that it can be done in relative privacy if need be. So let’s take a look at what you need to do in order to pull it off.

Fancy Dress Marriage Proposal Summary

There are probably just as many ways to actually carry out your proposal as there are potential marriage partners, but to really stand out you’ll have to come up with something kind of wild. Not necessarily dangerous, but wacky and memorable like the guy in this video managed. He combined the elements of surprise and wackiness to great effect and just look at the response of his girlfriend for proof!

Costume Marriage Proposal 101

1. Choose the time and place

In order to be completely disguised, you’ll need to have a full costume that covers your face or makes you unrecognizable. Because there are a limited number of full-costume characters that you could employ for your disguised proposal. As such you’ll need to pick the time and place for your scheme very carefully.

You want to be sure that your character is appropriate so it doesn’t stand out for the wrong reason – like a clown in full make-up on July 4th. Holidays like Halloween, Easter or Christmas make the most sense for easy costumes and crowds of people. You can be Santa, an elf, the easter bunny, Chewbacca, a Disney character or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Take for instance the guy in the following video who went for the full Spiderman effect. He had clearly planned this well and just look at the surprised reaction of his bride to be.

Important holidays are also easier in accomplishing a major task in your plan, namely, getting your fiancée to a set place at a set time with the help of your friends. But there are other ways to accomplish your goal – maybe both of you are into Star Wars, Star Trek, ComicCon, or some similar group that holds a convention that you can attend, and get her to attend as well. Imagine being Darth Vader and surprising her with a ring!

2. Plan the caper with your cohorts

You’ll need some accomplices that are willing to play along with the whole process. The biggest problem will be getting your fiancée to the place where you will be in disguise, without you, and without becoming suspicious. Her best friend or a group of friends would probably be the most effective at this charade.

They will have to make the invitation, get her to venue at the right time, and make sure that there are no hitches or distractions along the way. There should also be a videographer who can record the entire drama for posterity, so be sure to go over the recording plan carefully with that person.

3. Get your act together

The most important thing is to know where to get the right costume, and to make sure it’s available on the day you need it. Costume rentals are available in most cities, and you can usually reserve the costume in advance. Of course, make sure it looks right, and fits before you make the commitment. After all, you’ve only got one chance to get it right – until the next holiday, of course.

While you are choosing a costume, think about where the ring will be hidden too. An easter egg, a Christmas gift, a Star trek phaser – anything matching the overall theme will do, but plan ahead so there are no problems with the ring.

The guy in the following video put all of this together using the Star Wars theme to great effect.

4. Carry out the craziness

When the big day comes, make sure you and your cohorts have the plan down to a tee and that it is well rehearsed. Make sure your costume is ready and the ring and its container are present and accounted for. However you are going to manage to get your fiance to the planned venue without you, be sure to have contingency plans worked in advance just in case something goes wrong along the way. Maybe a back up venue if its raining or alternative costume if something goes wrong at costume hire shop. Then you’re ready.

Have a friend drive you to the meeting place, or drive yourself but don’t wear the head part of the costume – you don’t want to be delayed by the police. Once you get there, have fun with your alter ego until you meet up with the group. Flirt a little, but don’t give yourself away by talking. When the time is right and the video camera is rolling, get down on one knee, pull out the ring, and then utter the magic words. It’s a moment neither of you will ever forget, and she’ll love you for it – forever.

Who is a Fancy Dress Marriage Proposal ideal for

The Pros and Cons of a Fancy Dress Marriage Proposal

What next?

With your marriage proposal plan now all in hand it’s time to pick the perfect ring. To help you with this daunting goal I suggest you visit the engagement ring guide section where you will find everything you ever need to know about engagement rings along with advice from a lot of guys and gals who have been through the big event and made the right choice at the right budget. You can find it here.


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