27 Apr 2012

How to Plan a Successful Billboard Marriage Proposal

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Planning a marriage proposal is a source of anxiety to men the world over. In our culture the act of requesting a woman’s hand in marriage is fraught with danger, not the least of which is the possibility that the answer to the all-important question may be NO. But let’s assume that in real life, as opposed to the movies, you generally don’t ask the question if you don’t already know the answer. If you do and it’s going to be yes then a billboard marriage proposal could be the ideal solution for you.

Billboard Marriage Proposal Summary

The great thing about a billboard proposal is that it is memorable and will not be considered plain and ordinary. It allows your romantic creativity to come out and play and perfectly demonstrates just how much you love her! And if you don’t believe me check out this great example of a billboard proposal in Times Square, New York.

Billboard Marriage Proposal 101

1. Set the Stage

The most important step is deciding where the message will be posted. There are several options, including advertising billboards, magnetic signs, rock cuts along the road, or even menu or display boards at roadside restaurants or stands. Your particular situation will have to be considered. Since the ultimate goal is for your lover to see your message, the most important criteria is putting it somewhere easily visible.

2. Behind the Scenes

Once you’ve decided where the question will be displayed, you’ll have to prepare for the big day – or night, as the case may be. You’ll want an engagement ring and to think about how you will ask the question – the exact words – and be sure that your message will fit on your chosen medium. A billboard has lots of space, but a rock wall may be limited – so plan accordingly.

3. Have an accomplice

You have to get your lover to the place where the question is emblazoned for all – and her – to see, so you may need some help depending again on your plan. Have a friend call you both to come over right away on some pretence, or just make up some reason to go for a drive. If possible have a friend video-tape the whole scene from a hiding place as this will be a great touch and appreciated by both of you in years to come.

The guys in the following video used stencils to put together a beautiful message so take inspiration from this example if you know of a shop shutter or wall in your neighbourhood which you would be allowed to paint on.

4. Popping the question

Once you have the message in place, you’ll have to take the plunge, or in this case the drive, to get there. You’ll want to make sure the message is readable, so daylight might be best, but night time is more romantic. Use your headlights or bring a powerful flashlight along if you plan to do it at night. Get her to the place and make sure the message is seen, and do the deed.

The guy in the following video pulled it off by renting space on an LED advertising display board. Nothing says I love you like having your name up in lights!

5. Wrapping it up

Once you’ve laid the foundation, the rest is easy – hopefully. She’ll see your personalized, hand-crafted request for marriage on the billboard or rock wall or magnetic sign – and she’ll say yes, of course I’ll marry you. You’ll put the ring on her finger, and you’ll both live in romantic bliss, happily ever after – again hopefully.

Asking the woman that you love to marry you doesn’t have to be an anxiety-filled process. With your creativity and a little planning, it can be a memory that lasts a lifetime. And the roadside message method has the added quality of being a public declaration of your love – which will make the event that much more memorable.

Who is a Billboard Marriage Proposal ideal for

The Pros and Cons of a Billboard Marriage Proposal

What’s Next?

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