16 Jan 2013

How To Perform A Magic Show Marriage Proposal

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Every woman wants a creative, romantic and imaginative proposal that they can boast about to friends and family for years to come. In fact the majority of women want their man to surprise them with something amazing even if they may play it down in private. That doesn’t mean it has to be elaborate and over the top, just well thought out and meaningful for the two of you. Heck a private proposal at home will steal most hearts so long as it has meaning.

For those, however who really want to opt for a truly creative declaration of love, here are some ideas on how to perform a magic show marriage proposal and set your future together on a fun footing.
Magic Show Marriage Proposal Summary

Magic Show Marriage Proposal 101

1. Just the Ticket

Go online and find out whether there are going to be any magic shows in your area in the near future and book enough tickets for yourself, your girlfriend and close friends and family. You could also pre-arrange a dinner reservation for after the show to really make a night of it. Email the organisers and see if they will speak to the magician for you so that you can arrange for your girlfriend to get picked from the audience as a volunteer. You can then let the magician know exactly which seat your lovely lady will be sitting in and he can then pretend to call out a random seat number.

This guy clearly knows a thing or two about how to carry out a great magic show, so why not take a little inspiration from this video!

2. Preparing the Trick

You will need to liase with the magician in advance and together you should create something truly memorable. For example, you could allow your girlfriend to tap something such as a top hat or a glass with the magic wand and rather than a bunch of flowers or a rabbit appearing, a jewellery box could pop out. Alternatively, you could appear on stage in a puff of smoke so that as your girlfriend hears the magic word ‘Abracadabra’ she will see you kneeling down holding a ring.

3. A Simpler Method

You could ask a work buddy or someone that your girl has never met to pretend to be a street magician and arrange for him to be in the same place as your girlfriend. Similar to the clip previously mentioned, you could get the street artist to blindfold your beloved and spin her around, assuring her that when she removes the blindfold, the audience will have vanished. Of course, when the blindfold comes off, hey presto, you will be kneeling down before her clutching an expensive sparkler with a rose between your teeth. She will act shocked, but once she takes it in properly she will love, love, love this gesture.

Take for example this amazingly prepared and executed magic show marriage proposal. We even had the honor of interviewing the protagonist himself in this post about how he pulled it off. So go read up and take his words of inspiration to heart.

4. A More Elaborate Way

You could borrow some books from the library about magic tricks and tell your girlfriend that you’ve promised to help out a family member and do a kid’s party. Tell her that you’re extremely nervous and beg her to come along with you to the party. Of course, this will work much better if you are actually going to a children’s birthday party so try and ask around at work to see if anyone will humor you. You could actually perform a cute show with furry puppets and call them after you and your girlfriend for fun.

Ask your other half if she will be the girl puppet and together you can carry out a simple magic trick to amuse and entertain the kids watching. Have your girl’s puppet hold a magic wand and say the magic words ‘ I wish, I wish upon a star, for magic to happen from near and far’ then get her to tap a large gift box with a bow on it. Once she has done this you can then pop your head up, and allow your puppet to open the box and bring out the ring. She will be totally astounded but thoroughly pleased and you will certainly have the attention of the kids.

Performing a marriage proposal during a magic show may seem like a complicated idea but there are ways of simplifying it. You just need to use your imagination a little. Let your special lady know that you have chosen a magic show because when you set eyes on her for the first time, something magical happened to you inside your heart. Yes it’s a little cheesy, but heartfelt sentiment always scores points. Make sure that you assure her that you would certainly never want her to vanish from your life.
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