20 Sep 2012

How To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary In Style

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The annual celebration of the wedding anniversary is one of those occasions that seems to have been taken over by the greeting card industry. The anniversary also has so many strange traditions associated with it that the average poor married guy is filled with anxiety and trepidation as it makes its yearly approach.

Just trying to keep track of the whole appropriate gift thing can make you crazy – what is it with this paper, cotton, leather, and wood stuff, anyway? What’s important is having a good time, enjoying an experience together, and making memories. If you’re interested in that approach, here are a few tips to point you in right direction.

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Be Flexible

Realise that you and your partner are in control of when you celebrate your special day, and that any day close to the actual date of the anniversary is OK to designate as the day you will celebrate, so it doesn’t matter if your anniversary lands on a week day where you’re both working. Like they say about gifts, it’s the thought that counts, and after you do away with the strict observance notion, the sky’s the limit.

Stretch It Out

Once you realize that the power is yours to choose a day and decide how to celebrate, think about making the most of it by making it last longer. Depending on your schedule and your freedom to take vacation time, you might be able to wrap a vacation around the celebration and really make it special. At the very least, make it a weekend event and get all the mileage you can from it – that’s what memories are made of.

Keep It Simple

The important thing about the anniversary celebration is that it is a time to be romantic and to enjoy each other’s company. But I find that real passion and romance can best be found in the simple things of life. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on gifts, candy and flowers, but rather make sure that you plan to have plenty of time together, new experiences, and lots of potential favorite memories.

Get Back

It’s always fun to revisit the site of your first date, your first weekend together, the place where you proposed, and so on. Adding a bit of nostalgia to the event is a great way to raise the romance quotient of the anniversary. Remembering is much easier when you are back in the actual physical setting where the memories happened, so don’t hesitate to retrace your steps, and revisit the past – it can make the future look brighter.

Communicate And Collaborate

Finally, understand that you both need to talk about what you both want to do for your anniversary and plan the entire experience together. Planning a surprise for your partner can be very romantic, but being able to plan the day together allows for special time spent together even before you reach your anniversary date. Decide which option suits you both and go for it. After all, celebrating marriage means doing it right, every year, just like the first time.


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  1. Reply date safe says:

    “What’s important is having a good time, enjoying an experience together, and making memories. ” <— This is so like us. We would rather gift each other with experience (mostly trips and eating out) than material gifts. Memories last forever, right?

    • Reply admin says:

      Absolutely! It’s the memories that count. I can’t remember too many presents over the years but I always remember the location and the sunsets/meals/walks, etc. It’s those that live long with you.

      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. Much appreciated.

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