17 Sep 2013

How To Make My Husband Happy In Our Relationship

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Hi Grace,

I am a mother of 3 from a very responsible and a hardworking husband. He gives us everything we need from the basics to almost what we want.

I want to repay him somehow in every way possible. How can I make my husband happy?


Hi Elly,
Thanks so much for your question regarding “how to make my husband happy?” I was touched by your question, because it is obvious from your words that you deeply love him. When it comes to making our partners happy, there are some very important ways to go about it, which I will share with you. Keep in mind, none of them have to do with money or buying things – they are all about the most important key to happiness – love.


Mutual respect for one another is essential to happiness, taking each other for granted is catastrophic to relationships. It is apparent you do respect your husband, given how grateful you are for his working hard to provide for you and the children. Respect also comes about in letting him know how much you appreciate all he does. Tell him thank you often, for being such a wonderful husband and father. If he comes home tired and aching from work, rub his shoulders or feet and encourage him to relax for awhile. If he has little free time, encourage him to take some time for himself engaging in his favorite activities. Showing him you respect how hard he works in these ways will make him feel happy and deeply loved.


Men usually have the pressure of planning a lot of the romance, but it is important that both partners take the lead sometimes. If he is working long hours and you have three children at home, it is easy to let the relationship slide due to responsibilities of caring for the children at home – which leaves little chance for just the two of you. When you can, have the children stay with relatives or at a friends house and have a romantic evening at home. You can also plan a romantic overnight somewhere close to home and ask someone to watch the children in your home. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant – the important part is that you make time for just the two of you. If you coordinate an evening with just adults, you will again make him feel happy and extremely loved and important.


Sometimes partners feel deep love for each other, but they don’t take the time to show it or say it to one another – they just assume the other already knows it. But it feels so good and makes our moods so much brighter to be reminded of it daily. Always give a kiss good morning, say I love you when your husband is leaving and greet with a hug and a kiss when he comes home. A brief phone call at work (or email or text) will provide such warmth in the middle of a hectic day. Actions can be a gentle touch when walking by, placing a loving note inside of his lunch, taking over one of his chores when he looks tired (walking the dog, taking out garbage). These little gestures go a long way to happiness.

There are many ways that couples can make each other happy, but the examples I’ve given are extremely important in providing happiness for one another. Respecting your lover and not taking him for granted, planning time for just the two of you to bond and showing love for him each day in little ways through words and actions will, guaranteed, make your husband happy each day. Always remember that we all need to be happy and feel loved – which means it is important that your husband, even if he works hard and keeps long hours, needs to do the same for you, too!

Thanks again for your question!


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