24 Oct 2012

How To Keep The Fire Burning In A Long Distance Relationship

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All relationships have levels of difficulty, but long distance relationships are even tougher, since a couple must retain trust and find ways to recreate intimacy to keep things interesting for both parties! Many couples in this situation want to know how to keep the fire burning in a long distance relationship, and it may be easier than you think!

One of my close friends is always dipping in and out of online dating, but she often picks compatible men who live thousands of miles away. No matter what I say, she has an infallible hope that she will soon meet “the one.” There is nothing wrong with hope, but she falls in love easily and has pined for each partner. She is now in her third long distance relationship, although her previous partner suddenly decided that she was not worth waiting for after 18-months, and she hopes and prays every night that her new beau is her prince charming.

She often asks me how to keep the spark alive in a long distance relationship, and my advice is always to live in the moment, forget about what other people think, and do whatever you have to do to make it work. I’ve always been open to new ideas in the bedroom, and a long distance relationship can be testing, so here are some of my top tips on how to maintain that spark:

1. Role-Play

Since you are both on other sides of the world, there is no point in being shy! Time is precious, so now is the time to take off the cloak of mystery and wow her with words. Go on a fantasy date together, take on the role of a superhero who will sweep her off her feet, and even dress the part to get her excited. Women love sensuality, so tantalise her senses with explicit words, and she will be more likely to get equally sensuous over the webcam.

2. Write A Book Together

Create fantasy characters, write from the heart, and invoke steamy scenes that will turn you both on during the proofreading stage. This is a great way to build strength, preserve attraction toward one another, and keep the fire burning.

3. Be Spontaneous

Obviously, you may only be able to chat at specific times, since there is the issue of time difference, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow those guidelines. Surprise her with a phone call when she least expects it. There are tons of numbers you can dial, prior to her number, that will reduce the rate of making an international call, or send her a romantic email. If you’re feeling really confident, send her a naughty picture or video.

How To Keep The Fire Burning In A Long Distance Relationship


4. Make Time

There is no point in entering a relationship that is one sided, so ensure that she is dedicating as much time to you, as you give her. There are so many ways to chat freely over the Internet. Skype provides a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) facility, and even better is that Skype to Skype calls are free. MSN and Google are other effective ways to interact over the web. MSN Messenger is especially effective for instant chat, which is great if you both work in an office.

5. Ply Her With Compliments

If you are able to make a woman feel beautiful, she is more likely to come out of her shell and surprise you. The overall aim of complimenting a woman is for her to feel comfortable and loved. If she has body hang ups, then it can be a testing time, but continue to praise her beauty, and there will be no end to her spontaneity. In addition, feeling happier in one another’s company creates a strong bond.

Maintaining a long distance relationship requires effort from both parties. A one sided relationship is more likely to fail, so follow the above tips to create depth and excitement that will make others green with envy!

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Have you successfully experienced a long distance relationship? What tips do you have on how to keep the fire burning in a long distance relationship? Share your success story by commenting below!


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