04 Oct 2012

How to Fall Back in Love With Your Partner

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Interesting post on the marriagecounselingblog.com. The writer claims that it is not uncommon for relationships to experience periods of ennui, when loving feelings are diminished towards one’s spouse or romantic partner. Unfortunately, often these feelings can build on themselves if left unchecked. However, one does not have to allow the dissolution of the partnership to go forward. By behaving proactively, one can reignite the affection that began the liaison to begin. Of particular emphasis is changing thoughts and behavior, and feelings will follow. For instance, if you are prone to thinking your partner never does anything for you, you should spend some time specifically thinking about the things they have done for you. At times it may well be perfectly appropriate to behave affectionately towards your partner even if you are not feeling affectionate. This creates a counter cycle of thoughts and actions against the feelings of disatisfaction that had previously dominated, and can remind of exactly what it was they found attractive in their partner in the first place.

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Have you fallen out of love with your partner? Here’s how to get back to where you used to be


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