31 Aug 2012

How To Pull Off A Romantic Rooftop Proposal

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Rooftops are inherently romantic – at least it seems that way according to Hollywood and pop music. We’re not talking about the roofs of plain old houses here – there’s nothing romantic about sliding off into the bushes. Rather, it’s the flat, open air rooftops of city buildings that always seem to be the chosen cinematic spot for surprise romantic dinners, dates and yes – proposals of marriage.
Rooftop Marriage Proposal

A full moon or a starlit sky will of course be part of the appeal, even if light pollution means you can’t see many stars, but it’s the feeling of being up above all the ordinary, mundane business of the street-level world that makes a rooftop such a special place. All you have to do to get inspired to pull off a rooftop proposal is to listen to the classic song Up On the Roof in any of the many versions that exist out there, and follow these tips.

Rooftop Marriage Proposal 101

1. Pick A Place

With an event such as this, the location is all-important. The possibilities are truly endless, unless you live out in the forest off the grid. The best thing to do is to take advantage of your own local knowledge and of friends who may have ideas about where to do the deed. It might also be a simple matter if your fiance works in a building with an accessible rooftop, but you will have to do some scouting at any rate. Can everyone be on the roof safely, and legally? You don’t want any accidents, and you probably don’t want to be interrupted by the police.

This rooftop seems ideal for this guy’s marriage proposal – see for yourself in the following video!

Rooftop Proposal from American Apparel on Vimeo.

2. Plan The Ruse

After establishing the locale of the proposal, you’re going to have to get her up there somehow. Some sort of rooftop ruse will have to be created to make sure that your lover is there and that you can pop the question in a timely manner. You might get an insider friend to ask for a photo shoot, or a celebration of some kind. Alternatively, you could set up a romantic date if the area is very accessible and you can use it for a longer time – it would be great to do it at night when the stars are out.

3. Get Help

You are going to need friends at all stages of this effort, so start asking them for help and suggestions early on. You may need assistance getting you and your fiance up there on the rooftop, or you may need their help in carrying out the ruse or date that you have planned. You will certainly want a master of ceremonies person, someone who knows the plan and can direct the event so that everything goes smoothly. And of course you will want a videographer on hand, someone to record the entire beautiful event.

You may like to take inspiration from a favourite movie or TV series, as seen in this video:

4. Up On The Roof

Since you got some inspiration from the song about the magic of a rooftop, why not use it in your proposal? Have a friend with a boom box and a few other well-chosen romantic songs for the occasion. There are only a few songs about rooftops other than the most famous, but as long as the music fits the mood, it will help make your rooftop proposal a big success.
Rooftop Marriage Proposal ideal
Pros and Cons of a Rooftop Marriage Proposal

What Next?

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