18 Jan 2013

How To Carry Out A Video Game Marriage Proposal

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This type of marriage proposal is probably more suited to people who like to think of themselves as gamers, nerds and computer geeks (think ‘The Big Bang Theory’ TV show). If you and your partner are technology fans, then a video game marriage proposal may just be the perfect gesture for you to carry out. For some other ideas on how to carry out a video game marriage proposal here are some pointers to get you started.
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Video Game Marriage Proposal 101

1. Plan a Games Tournament

If video games are something that you and your other half are into then a tournament with family and friends could be just the ticket. Arrange it at your home or at the house of a friend and charge every participant a five dollar fee and say that the tournament is for a local charity. Preferably pick a charity that your girlfriend supports as this will make her even happier.

Presumably you have managed somehow to insert your proposal into one of the video games. If you’re stuck you could always pay a graphic designer to do this for you to provide a truly professional touch. You could even include ‘your song’ as well as some humorous facts about your relationship to make your girlfriend smile. Or you could let the narrator in the game talk about some romantic memories that you share.

Follow this video by way of example if you’re considering a video game marriage proposal!

2. Intimate proposal

If you don’t want lots of people sharing your special moment you could suggest playing a game at home, just the two of you and you could light candles and pour wine to create a more romantic atmosphere. For a fun touch, you could be dressed up as one of the characters from the video game when she arrives home to make her laugh.

If you’re feeling really creative and have the required skills, why not take inspiration from this guy?

If a video game is not really her thing then you could arrange a quiz game instead where she has to answer questions. The first ten questions or so should be normal so as not to arouse her suspicion but then the quiz master could suddenly ask her to marry you. She will not be expecting this at all and so she will be absolutely thrilled with this gesture. You could then slip the ring on her finger and sit her down to a lavish meal that you have prepared yourself.

If this wasn’t enough, you can then give her a scrap book that you have made which is all about your time together. You can include photographs, ticket stubs, and postcards of places that you have visited together. The last half of the scrap book you could prepare for your future together so you could have headings such as ‘Our First Dance as Man and Wife’ or ‘Our Honeymoon’. She will be like putty in your hands when she looks at this memento that you have lovingly prepared.

Be sure to film your partner’s reaction to your video game marriage proposal, so that you have something to look back on, like this couple does!

3. Take her to the Arcade

This one could be quite tricky but it is definitely possible. You will have to get your hands on an old disused video game which you can actually pick up for under a hundred dollars from a specialised auction. You then need to install your marriage proposal onto the machine yourself or by enlisting the services of an expert. Next thing is to ask permission from arcade owner to hire the place for a party and invite all of your friends and family with strict instructions to keep the proposal a secret. Use a fake invitation for yourself and your girlfriend and say it’s from a cousin or co-worker. When you arrive it will just be the two of you so suggest that she has a go on the vintage video game. Once she sees and hears the proposal, all of your guests can then come flooding in to congratulate you.


So if you want to plan a marriage proposal that is slightly off the cuff and just a little bit geeky then a video game proposal could be the perfect way for you to make your intentions crystal clear to your girlfriend. Even if she isn’t a nerd herself, she is in love with you so will appreciate the sentiment involved, and you can always do something more girly later on like go for a romantic meal or trip away to a spa.

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What next?

So you’ve planned your perfect marriage proposal, now how about the perfect engagement ring to seal the deal? Picking an engagement ring doesn’t have to be a complicated process, and to make it easier for you we have put together an informative guide to help you in your decision. Good luck!


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