30 Nov 2012

How To Carry Out A Marriage Proposal On A Boat

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There are many creative and memorable ways to propose to your lover. If you have decided you would like to pop the question in the outdoors, consider proposing on a boat for the ultimate, romantic experience. The soothing sea and seclusion from noise and distractions provide the ideal setting for this memorable event.
Boat Proposal
The following are some ideas on how to carry out a marriage proposal on a boat, and to be sure it is the right choice for you and your love:

Marriage Proposal On A Boat 101

1. Water Isn’t For Everyone

Before going further, you need to be certain that being on the lake, river or ocean is the right setting for both of you. If either partner has a fear of water or a tendency to get seasick, a marriage proposal on a boat is not the best marriage proposal choice for you! Well der (but still it’s worth saying)!

2. Choose Who Will Be Present

Before you choose the boat and the setting, you need to decide who will be present for the proposal. A little rowboat won’t work if you plan to invite friends along. If you want the entire family around, you will need a much larger vessel. Also, you may need friends to help you pull off the proposal or as “props” to convince your partner this is just friends getting together. Once you have a plan in mind of how many will be involved, you can get into the specific details.

3. Choose A Setting

Depending on where you live, you may have all types of water to choose from – from the deep ocean to a little pond in the country. The first step is envisioning where you would like to propose. Do you want to go far out into the ocean or do you prefer the idea of two of you on a quiet little lake?

4. Choose A Boat

Most people don’t have a boat for their personal use. If you do, then this will likely be easy for you. For everyone else, it is time to make a list of ideas. Do you want to charter a boat, take a half day fishing cruise with other passengers you don’t know, rent a pontoon boat on your local lake or enlist a friend with a boat to be your “captain?” The sky is the limit. You might even consider renting a boat to sleep in overnight!

5. Prepare For The Unexpected

Proposing out in nature is incredibly romantic, but the weather and other “natural” events can put a dampener on your plans. Choppy waters, thunder and lightning can postpone your perfectly planned proposal. One of the best ways to prepare is to keep an eye on the weather and communicate frequently with your helpers. If it looks like a long week of heavy rain and cold temps are coming, it might be a good idea to find an alternate date in advance.

No matter what type of boat or water, carrying out a marriage proposal on a boat will be a memorable day you will both always treasure. The peaceful, serene setting is incredibly romantic on the whole – well unless you’re stuck in a force nine gale! So get planning, make some charter calls and we’ll see you down the aisle.

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