19 Oct 2012

How To Carry Out A Lakeside Proposal

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What do all great marriage proposals have in common? More often than not they are carefully planned, meticulously carried out, with a happy ending for the soon to be married couple. And what could be more romantic than that? Central to that is the location chosen for the event. As real estate sales people know, location is everything and it seems to hold true for the proposal as well. Of course, a proposal can happen in a dark nightclub, or on a mountaintop, and to some people it may either not matter, or the place chosen may have special significance other than aesthetics. But if you want to make a real impression on your fiancée and the location is your choice, you can’t do better than a beautiful lakeside proposal.

Lakeside Marriage Proposal

Lakeside Proposal 101

1. Mountains Wanted

Human attraction to bodies of water is well known, and we usually picture all kinds of recreation taking place on a large enough lake. But it’s the visual beauty that makes a lake a wonderfully romantic place for a proposal. If you can manage to plan for the event to take place in a mountainous area, so much the better, because there is nothing quite like a mountain lake reflecting the scenery for a backdrop. Nature in its purest form doesn’t need a lot of help, and you can confidently plan a great proposal in a setting such as this.

In the following video a guy uses the lakeside as the backdrop to his proposal to great effect. The way the light reflects on the water makes for a romantic setting as do the added touches he makes to the moment.

2. Beaches Are A Great Lakeside Proposal Setting

But your lake of choice doesn’t have to be of the mountain variety, because the really important element is the body of water. If there is a beach area near the lake, you can plan a night-time event, which can be made very memorable – a picnic, a bonfire, a few friends, a surprise ring found in the sand, and you have a romantic night to remember forever as the couple in this video will no doubt atest.

3. A Boating Will Also Do The Trick

Since most lakes of any size have boat launching facilities, you could plan the proposal around a day or night out on the water. You’ll need a boat of some sort, and you’ll have to choose between a small one for just you and your fiance or a larger one for a gathering of friends and a party atmosphere. If you’re on a budget you can borrow a boat, but you can certainly rent one for a day if you are boatless. Imagine the moonlight on the lake, the waves lapping against the hull, and your lover at your side – all the ingredients of a fine proposal event.

4. Have A Plan

Wherever you decide to carry out the proposal, be sure to plan for the unexpected – inclement weather can be a complicating factor for any outdoor occasion. But all you need is a plan B for the worst case. Make sure that a couple of friends are along to help with party details such as food, drink, and music. And be sure to plan for someone to make a video recording of the proposal itself so you can enjoy it whenever you want. Then, the only thing left to do is to plan your speech, and do it, lakeside style.

Lakeside Marriage Proposal ideal

Pros and Cons of a Lakeside Marriage Proposal

What Next?

So with the location chosen and the manner of your proposal all planned out it is time to make sure you pick the perfect ring. As such we’ve prepared a great engagement ring buying guide to help you on your way. It covers all you need to know so you can make the perfect choice for your partner. Visit it here.


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