28 Sep 2012

How To Carry Out a Great Birthday Proposal

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Making a marriage proposal on your fiancée’s birthday seems like a great idea. It’s already a day that most people look forward to, it’s a private holiday, and it’s a day that will be remembered. When you add the proposal to the birth anniversary, it becomes a super day. And if your spouse-to-be has some aversion to celebrating a birthday, a proposal could make it a better time than it might have been without it. The only drawback to be aware of is that for some party animals a birthday is such a big deal that adding a proposal may seem like either stealing its thunder, or may turn out to feel like an afterthought. So, if you have thought it through and the idea seems to fit your particular situation, here are some tips on how to pull off the perfect birthday proposal.
Birthday Marriage Proposal

Birthday Proposal 101

1. To Surprise Or Not Surprise, That Is The Question?

The first thing to consider is whether to make the birthday into a surprise party. If you decide to go down this route, you’ll have a lot of work to do, since you’ll be responsible for planning the surprise party and the nested surprise hidden within it. If you’re up for it, such an event will be a real hit combining two celebrations in one as this happy couple found out in the following video.

2. Bring The Family

If you decide to plan a surprise party and proposal, you’re going to need help. Enlisting family and friends is the best way to go about it, because they’ll have great ideas on how to proceed based on past experience. After all, you don’t want to repeat the surprise party everyone threw the year before you met. On the other hand, if you’re not doing a surprise birthday but only a surprise proposal, their help will be invaluable as well. The more heads you can get together for a brainstorm the better.

Check out this birthday proposal as a great example. The lucky lady in question is getting excited opening her presents when one final all important present reveals itself!

3. Pick A Place To Go

Whether the event will be a complete surprise or not, you’re going to want a location that fits your plans. Consider how many attendees there might possibly be, what kind of food and drink you want to make available, any entertainment, and so on. Integrating a proposal into a birthday party in a big way might be easier if there is a band and a nice-sized crowd to make the event really memorable. So, plan the venue accordingly and you can’t go wrong.

4. Plan The Proposal

If you have involved others from the start and they have been and continue to be helpful, the birthday part of the day will probably be taken care of. Put your own personal stamp on the proposal portion of the event so that your lover knows how much it means to you whether by including a ring on a cake, making a speech in front of everyone or giving her a present containing the ring to open. 

If you have music, either from a band, a DJ, or just an ipod dock, plan a song to introduce the proposal. Make sure that you have chosen a spot to take your partner to for popping the question, and have a brief but heartfelt proposal speech planned. Naturally, arrange to have someone recording the whole thing on video, and you’ll be able to relive the moment for years to come.
Birthday Marriage Proposal ideal
Pros and Cons of a Birthday Marriage Proposal

What Next?

With your birthday proposal plans taken care of it is now time to pick the ring. To help you on your way we’ve created a dedicated engagement ring buying guide so that you have the full lowdown on what you should look out for when choosing a diamond and who to go shopping with. It’s meant to take the stress out of the event for you whilst saving you time and money so I highly recommend you check it out here.


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