02 Nov 2012

How To Avoid Cheesy Proposals

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It seems that people don’t hesitate to put all kinds of effort, time, and money into making a marriage proposal an event to remember these days. They will plan a trip to an exotic or romantic location, get dozens of friends and family involved, plan a party that costs as much as the engagement ring, and worry about making every small detail go smoothly. Then, when the time comes to pop the question, they use the same old tired words to get to the will you marry me part. Not only are the words overused, but they tend to be cheesy – overly sentimental and clichéd. So if you’d like to know how to avoid following the cheesy proposals path, then this post is for you.

how to avoid cheesy proposals

Cheesy Proposals Don’t Include Genuine Sentiments

First of all, don’t mistake the expression of genuine sentiment as being cheesy – feelings are very important in this situation. The quality you need to strive for is originality, and you don’t have to be a published poet or a writer to come up with a couple of good lines to precede your all-important question. The best way to approach it is to make it personal, and use details only you and your lover know.

Know Your Fiancée

As such tailor your proposal with the special moments you have shared in mind and to the individual you are marrying. Is she a romantic, sentimental person, or the type who cries at the movies? Does she go for the traditional in her personal life, such as clothing or music? Or is she a modern free spirit who likes to go her own way and appreciates you doing the same? Did you guys face difficulty at the start of your relationship and found a way through it? Did you live a long distance relationship for a while and did that help you realise just how special she was? Knowing her intimately will permit you to take a tone in your proposal that suits her.

Research And Read

These days you can find examples and models on the Internet of what others have used for proposing. This doesn’t really contradict the idea of personalization or originality because you wouldn’t use something that someone else had written word for word. You are looking for ideas and methods, a way to approach the words that you may not have thought of. If you and/or your fiancée are of a literary bent, you may want to think about using a favorite poem or song lyric too, again with your own special touch added to the mix.

Ask For Help

Don’t hesitate to ask friends and family for ideas. They may have done something with their proposal that avoided the cheesy factor that you could learn from. Or, they may have said something that was the epitome of cheesiness, and it will serve as a good negative example for you – what to avoid in your own proposal.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Finally, the only way to feel confident about your proposal not being cheesy is to practice. One of the best ways to do this is to record your brief speech into a tape recorder or digitally, and listen critically as if you were someone else. If there’s anything that doesn’t ring true, sounds clichéd, or makes you cringe, then it’s back to the word processor. Don’t give up, follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to come up with a winning proposal.

Do you have any experiences of cheesy proposals? What tips would you give on how to avoid making a proposal cheesy? Share your thoughts or stories and comment below!


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