21 Sep 2012

The Love Beat

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Here’s the roundup of this week’s best relationship, romance and dating features on RND, brought together in one place. Let us know what your featured favourite topics are by sharing your thoughts in the commenting sections!

How Do I Carry out a Surprise Proposal that She Knows is Coming?

She’s the girl of your dreams — the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. You know it; the problem is that she knows it, too. She’s even hinted that she wants to select the ring. So how can you surprise her with your proposal? Check out my tips.

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How Do I Carry Out A Surprise Proposal That She Knows Is Coming?


What Does “Taking a Break” Actually Mean?

“Taking a break”, when applied to relationships, can often mean different things to different people. It often means the desire to be single, free, and date other people. It can also mean time to reflect upon oneself and what you truly want out of life, love included. The author notes that women usually mean the former while men tend to mean the latter. Whether or not you end up together again, the article strives to show how a break can be a positive thing for you and your relationship.

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What Does “Taking A Break” Actually Mean?


How Fair is Your Relationship?

We’ve all heard it: “Life isn’t fair.” But should our romantic relationships somehow be fair? How can you incorporate fairness into a relationship, which is inherently about give and take? Josh Ringham takes a look at equity in relationships, from chores to the bedroom and on to finance, and shows how happiness trumps strict equality.

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How Fair Is Your Relationship?


Keeping the Romance Alive when Kids are Involved

It can be hard to make time for your partner and romance when you have children, especially small children, but it is definitely possible to keep your love life going strong. Most importantly you must make time for your partner. Dedication to regularly spending time without the kids and instead just each other can work wonders on your relationship.

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Keeping The Romance Alive When Kids Are Involved


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