01 Feb 2013

Heath and Sarah’s Freeze Flash Mob Proposal

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I’m delighted to introduce another lovely couple who have very kindly agreed to share their flash mob proposal story with us! So sit back, relax, and enjoy Heath and Sarah’s romantic story.

Please introduce yourselves

My name is Heath Lichty and I recently got engaged to Sarah Wedebrand.

How did you and Sarah meet, Heath?

We actually met each other at Village Pointe (where the proposal took place) in June 2011 and started dating shortly after. Over the last year it became more clear to me that Sarah was the one and only for me and I wanted nothing more then to spend the rest of my life with her, so the planning began…

And what was involved in all that planning?

I choose village pointe because it’s a place that she most likely wouldn’t suspect as we stop there sometimes after work for a drink or quick bite to eat. It also is a meaningful place to us since it’s where we first met. A week before I included some very close friends and family in on my plan, especially those that would have to make travel plans. Two days before I let more friends in on the idea, hoping that giving them such short notice would help make sure no one would slip about the surprise. A couple that we are good friends with helped me out from the beginning.

RND proposal story

Originally, I was going to meet Sarah after work and have her help me pick out a suit before meeting our friends, Justin and Lisa for a bite to eat (an excuse to go to village pointe) and then propose. However, a few days before the proposal, Sarah found out she would be getting off a few hours early from work. It took a little bit of planning to come up with a plan B but we managed. Lisa ended up asking Sarah to go shopping with her for a bit after work as she was having trouble finding a gift for her boyfriend (this helped keep her occupied for about an hour and a half before the proposal).

Two hours before the flash mob proposal I went to Village Pointe along with several friends and began asking shoppers, security, guards, etc. if they would help with the flash mob. Some people ignored us, some wouldn’t be around that long, and some just weren’t interested. However, it was the ones that offered to help and were excited about it that made our day so special! Shortly after 5, I went to a restaurant called Kona where we had plans to have dinner with Justin and Lisa. Justin was the one who filmed the proposal so we waited up the street while I went to Kona to wait for the girls. When the girls arrived at Kona, I told them the place was packed so Justin and I decided to go up the street a bit to another restaurant that we visit occasionally.

In order to convince Sarah that we needed to walk (it was cold outside) instead of drive, I told the girls that to kill some time Justin and I tried on some suits and wanted to see what the girls thought. As we walked into position, all of my “helpers” froze perfectly – you can’t tell from the video, but overall we had 30+ people freeze for the proposal. We also had friends and family all located in shops that surrounded us so they could watch, take pictures and video, etc. After the proposal Sarah saw a few of our friends that had shown up to help out (mostly I tried to use volunteers that she wouldn’t recognise).

RND proposal story 1

Afterwards we walked up the street for drinks, and when we arrived in the restaurant, we had another 20 friends waiting to celebrate with drinks! After socialising with friends, our family started to walk in (both our families live almost 3 hours away so it was a big shock when her family started to walk in!). After an hour of drinks and celebrating, her brother (who lives 4 hours away) walked in as he was running a bit late. He walked up behind her at the bar and gave her a giant hug, and as soon as she realised who it was she bursted into tears again since she got to enjoy the special occasion with our friends and family.

That evening we went back to our house and celebrated with a few friends and mostly family sitting around a fire pit as we filled Sarah in on all the special details and planning that went into making this event what it was!

Thank you so much to Heath and Sarah for sharing their wonderful day with us, it’s a real inspiration! If you’d like to share your proposal story, please email grace@romanceneverdies.com.


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