23 Aug 2012

Have We All Forgotten How To Be Romantic?

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In the busy, hectic stress-ridden lives most of us find ourselves in, just thinking about being romantic seems like a chore. So what happens is that we do not procatice romance in our relationships, and we all know what happens with lack of practice – you lose it. You actually forget how to do something if you don’t keep doing it regularly, and this seems to be what has happened with romance. Have we all essentially forgotten how to be romantic? Without being proactive and taking positive steps towards relearning, if we have forgotten, we will continue to forget and romance will gradually disappear from our lives. I, for one silly romantic at heart, don’t want that to happen, so I came up with some easy to understand tips on how to be romantic.
how to be romantic

How to be Romantic – the Lowdown


A couple lives together, spends time together, shares the good and the not-so-good in their day, and over time they forget how important it is to simply communicate. This applies to all aspects of a partnership, naturally, but when it comes to remembering romance it’s the first and key step to take. If you feel confused about what’s happening, say so and try to have a discussion about it. If you feel insecure about trying to up your romance quotient, let him or her know that it’s causing you some problems. And if you come up with a great idea to put some passion back into the relationship, whatever you do, don’t keep it to yourself.


A great 80′s band named the Smiths had a song called “Ask Me,” which basically said – if there’s anything you want to try, just ask – how could I say no? While there may be practical limits to this approach, the sentiment is sound – after learning to communicate better, use that skill to ask what your lover would like in the romance department. There’s a difference between having to ask and asking because you want to do a better job of being romantic, but most people will appreciate your display of genuine interest – so, why not just ask?


As I said earlier, if you don’t put in some practice at something you want to do, you’ll get rusty, whatever it is. This means that after talking about it, and finding out what your lover really wants by asking questions, the next step is to really do the romantic thing. Set up the date, reserve the hotel room, buy the candles and incense, get the satin sheets. Motivate yourself by imagining how great your romance will be, and then take action to accomplish it in the real world.


Once you have actually tried to be more romantic and have communicated about the experience with your lover, then it’s time for the all-important almost final step: take what you’ve learned and do it better. It’s never going to be the final step, because you are going to keep on talking bout romance, asking how to be more romantic, acting on your knowledge, and improving the whole process.

It’s very possible that we have all forgotten how to be romantic, but there’s no magic bullet to make us remember. There’s only a decisive move by both of you into a more romantic relationship, and it may not be easy. But the rewards will be tangible in you life together, so make a resolution today to remember the romance.


Grace Pamer is a full time romance and relationship writer. She writes romance and marriage proposal tip columns for various publications including YourTango.com and GalTime.com. As seen on FoxNews.com, Cosmopolitan.com, DivineCaroline.com and CanadianLiving.com to name but a few.

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