21 Nov 2011

Halloween Themed Wedding Rocks My World

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I’m always on the lookout for inspiring new wedding ideas and themes to talk about but who would have thought that a couple’s special day would be all about ghosts, ghouls, and bonfires? Don’t get Jennifer and Ian wrong for they just wanted a “normal” wedding but with a personal twist—because they both love Halloween, the Day of the Dead, and creepy bonfires so they made these elements the theme for their unique wedding.

Instead of being scared, the wedding guests enjoyed every minute of the ceremony and the reception that followed. The bride wanted everyone to be relaxed and casual and just enjoy the festivities, so she opted for toffee apples, Mexican-inspired Day of the Dead décor, and a crackling bonfire in the venue. The couple also hired a professional photographer who took great shots of the wedding, including a lot of the intricate and intimate details.

To see more of this unique wedding theme, go to http://www.rocknrollbride.com/2011/11/a-halloween-day-of-the-dead-bonfire-night-themed-wedding-jennifer-ian/


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