16 Jan 2013

Geeky Marriage Proposals – The New Trend for 2013?

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Unbeknownst to many, there are trends in marriage proposals just as there are trends in just about everything from bags to shoes, hair cuts to corkscrews. Last year saw the rise of the flash mob proposal, involving impromptu dancing in the street and musical numbers, brass bands and parades. In 2013, that’s just so pass√©! It’s all set to change with the trend-setters of the geek crowd and their ingenious solutions to the perfect way to propose. Here’s a description of a few of the best geeky marriage proposals so far this year:

Geeky Marriage Proposals 2013

1) The Kinder Egg proposal

Having carefully selected the ring, a guy called Matthew purposely made his own surprise to go inside a Kinder surprise egg. He and his girlfriend used to enjoy having Kinder surprise eggs together but, since they were banned, hadn’t been able to do so. As such Matthew decided to make his own special figure toy to go inside an egg. He used an old egg’s plastic insides and drew a design for a toy figure with his face on it that would go down on one knee and hold the ring. His figure was made out of plastic, could be assembled according to a diagram he’d created and printed out with the ring also included. He wrapped the plastic egg in the usual foil wrapping and gave it to his girlfriend as the most unique surprise egg she’d ever open. The only thing missing was the chocolate, but I suspect she barely noticed that.

Check this brilliantly geeky marriage proposal in full here.

2) The Iron Man Arc Reactor proposal

For the girl who loves the Marvel comics hero who has a type of light box for a heart, this proposal says it all. Eddie Zarick and his girlfriend were hardcore Iron Man fans, so Eddie fixed up the surprise of a lifetime. Iron Man’s arc reactor – the light-box resembling generator that powers his suit of armour and keeps shrapnel from entering his heart by means of an electromagnet, was Eddie’s ring bearer. With a strong LED strip, wrapped in a metallic casing designed to look like the arc reactor, Zarick created a unique flashing, colourful light that came with an added bonus – a switch that when pushed, released a lower level cover and offered up a ring. He reports that his girlfriend was delighted.

3) The iPad-shaped proposal

For those of you who love Apple technology, this sounds, on first reading, like an ideal proposal with a huge computer compatible added extra. Except there was no iPad included. The proposer, Rob, decided to use an iPad box to design the ultimate ring-presentation box. He measured the iPad packaging and cut out a slab of metal with the words, “Will you marry me?” etched onto it with a space carved out in the middle for a soft cushion to hold the ring. As his girlfriend opened the lid of the box, she received the surprise of a lifetime that the weight of the box did not correspond to an iPad, but rather, to a metal-engraved card with a marriage proposal and a ring in the middle. I must admit, I hope that she already had the latest iPad, as she might have been a tiny bit disappointed if that was what she’d been expecting and hoping for, as a Christmas present!

Take a look at the pics of this here.

I’m sure there are greater and geek-ier proposals to come, and these are just the beginnings of a new and creative era for marriage proposals. 2013 certainly seems to be shaping up to be the ‘do-it-yourself’ year on all fronts, perhaps due to the current financial climate. Although these examples seem to suggest quite a hefty price tag, I’m sure there are others out there with the creative skills and know-how to design the perfect geeky marriage proposal on a budget but with equally resounding geeky squeals of delight as the outcome. Congratulations to all who go this route!


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