26 Mar 2013

Easter Date Ideas

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Having got through the potentially gloom-and-doom filled beginning of the year in a recession that seems interminable, Easter is the first opportunity for some much-needed springtime cheer. You may, however, be worried that your budget can’t stretch to the joys of Easter festivities, but you needn’t be! Here are some super-romantic Easter date ideas to help you look forward to the upcoming holiday:

Easter Date Ideas For Animal Lovers

If you live near a farm or zoo, you can cheer you and your partner up for the small cost of the entrance fee (which for city farms is often very reasonable compared to zoos) by going along to see some real fluffy chicks and bunnies instead of just chocolate ones. Look out for petting pens or areas where you are allowed to feed the animals. Enjoy the potential feeding-frenzy fun that may ensue. Just watch the transformation of your mood as you pick up and stroke that lop-eared rabbit. It’s a sure-fire way to bring a bit of childlike frivolity back into your relationship and reaffirms your affection for each other at the same time.

The Simplest Recipe Ever

If you’re not a big fan of cake-baking and find the messiness of cooking meals bad enough, then this is the solution in a nutshell, or rather, a nest. You remember the old days when your parents showed you how to make cornflake cakes from melted chocolate and cornflakes? Now is the time for that basic skill to come into its own.

All you need are some pretty paper cake holders, a cake tray to put them in, a big bowl to mix cornflakes and melted chocolate, and the pièce de résistance – a packet of mini eggs. Make the cornflake cakes as usual, but make a small dip in each, as though it’s a nest, waiting for some eggs to sit in it. And once they’re cooled and the chocolate is entirely hardened, you can put one, two or three mini eggs in the ‘nest’ and voilá! A super-sweet and endearing surprise for you and your partner to share over Easter tea-time.

The ‘Quality, Not Quantity’ Issue

If you love dairy milk bars and eat nothing but sweet, milk chocolate, then stick with mini eggs and smarties. But if you are a little more discerning in your tastes, you need to consider the value of one big, superb quality chocolate egg as opposed to several milk chocolate cheap ones. The effort gone into finding your nearest Belgian chocolate shop or Hotel Chocolat equivalent in your town will be so much more appreciated than buying a whole bunch of little Easter presents.

Make a date of it with one big, quality chocolate egg that your partner has to unwrap just like any other present, and a bottle of red wine. Snuggle up on the sofa, watch your favourite film and dip into broken up bits of the egg while sipping a fine Pinot noir. A velvet ribbon wrapped around the egg will score you extra ‘tactile expressions of love’ bonus points!

Go On A Home-Made Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Whether you have a garden or not, you can get inventive about how to set up an Easter egg treasure hunt for your partner. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on the eggs, and maybe you could simply have small chocolates and little Lindt bunnies instead, but the idea of an Easter egg hunt is that it’s fun to act like a kid and find special presents. You’ll enjoy the ‘searching-and-finding’ more fun (perhaps) than the actual consumption of chocolate. It’s not about how much there is to find, or how wonderful the Easter eggs are, but rather about the effort you go to hide the eggs, the notes you write to go with them or the trail of clues you might devise to make it a proper treasure hunt. Hiding things in your flat is just as valid as hiding them in the garden and may even be more effective, because you can hide things in a drier, safer place and on multiple levels (e.g. top shelves, under the sofa, in the desk in the study). Get creative about which eggs and bunnies you put where!

Go Out For Tea And Easter Cakes

If you live near an independently-run cafe, you may find that there will be special cakes and pastries on offer for Easter. So if you’re more of a tea and cake fan than wine and chocolates, treat yourself and your partner to a little cafe outing to try one of the cakes with an Easter chick on it and sip soothing, herbal or fine Earl Grey tea along with it. You’ll probably find that taking the time out to enjoy each others’ company in a quaint little coffee shop will do you the world of good and banish your winter blues to get you off on the right foot for Spring.

Above all, plan easy, no-stress activities to do on your weekend off and you’ll be as loved-up as the rabbits, sheep and chickens this springtime!


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