07 Jan 2013

Don’t Be A Beggar Of Love Quote

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Don't Be A Beggar Of Love Quote

Don’t be a beggar of love instead be the one to start spreading love. Don’t seek attention but instead give attention and care for the ones badly needing it. There are lots of people in the world needing mending especially their hearts.

You can start the chain by simply sharing this love quote to your family and friends!

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2 Responses to “Don’t Be A Beggar Of Love Quote”

  1. Reply Louise says:

    Don’t agree with this. People are also begging/longing for love. You can’t give love if you have none.

  2. Reply Grace Pamer says:

    Thanks for the comment Louise. I think people can give their time and empathy if not their love and in turn they will get it back. Ask not what your fellow man can do for you, ask what you can do for your fellow man (to paraphrase JFK…. who would of known he was so karmic!).

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